Not only tired from Fibro...B/W showing a blood defiency

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  1. calgarychris

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just got a call from doctor and need to go in over some test results..having to do with low MCHC and iron. I have been feeling so guilty these last few months because I have been so tired and for the first time unable to keep house uo to my normal standards. I have three boys and just taking care of them is exhausting me. Husband is quite good about things, but does not really understand and I know he is getting frustrated and I know my kids are wondering why I am resting so much. Another thing to feel guitly about. I feel beaten down today... So I thought I would turn to my fibro friends for cheering up. As well, I was diagnosed with an ulcer and have to wait until December to get a scope to find out what is going on in stomach. Sorry message to long, like I said feeling blue today. Thanks ahead to all who may answer!

    Soft Hugs,

  2. lgp

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    and I definitely know how you feel. Trying to keep things up to my normal standards has been a struggle for me as well, so I have broken down my daily chores into increments. I do the minimum I can get away with on days when I am not feeling well (like today) and do alot more on the days I feel better. I find that keeping organized helps alot. I have three girls, so I know what you are going through. The two oldest (twins) are away at two different colleges now, so at least I am not physically looking after them, but every day it's a different phone call--'I ran out of money', 'I want to take the bus to Boston--can I put that on my credit card','Oh sorry I didn't call for three --days, my Iphone fell in a puddle--can dad get me a new one', 'Can I go to India this summer'--they can mentally exhaust you.

    Chris, I got to the point where I do not care if anyone thinks I am resting too much...THEY ARE NOT ME AND DO NOT KNOW HOW I FEEL, and I manage to get my stuff done, so shut up!! Yesterday, one of my older daughters, home from college, made a snide remark about me not feeling well--again. Right then and there I reprimanded her and let her know in no uncertain terms how she would never want to walk in my shoes, and that I pray every night that she and her sisters never experience this. She thought for a moment, took a step back and apologized .

    I know I am rambling a bit, but my message to you is, do not apologize to anyone. And as far as the husband goes--I told this to Kjade the other day--get over it. He will no more fullly get it then we could not fully get what it's like to be blind or paralyzed. I have found withmy own husband, the less I complain about pain, the more apt he is to listen when I do. It is an every day struggle--but we are here, with you, and for you, every step of the way. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be able to come here and vent once in awhile. I hope you find that same comfort here too.

  3. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, Chris.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have been so tired.

    I think it's possible that the low iron could be at least part of the cause. As you probably know, iron is needed by the body to make hemoglobin, and your low Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) suggests that your iron level has dropped low enough to impact your body's ability to make hemoglobin. If the red blood cells don't have enough hemoglobin, they can't carry as much oxygen as they should, and if your cells don't get enough oxygen, it will slow their rate of metabolism and tend to give them oxidative stress. These things can make a person feel tired. So getting your iron back up may turn out to help you with more energy. I certainly hope that it will.

    With regard to the ulcer situation, I can't give individual treatment advice because I'm not a licensed physician, and I'm glad that you are going to have it checked out by endoscopy, but having to wait until December doesn't sound very good. Is is possible to ask your doctor to request that you be moved up in the schedule?

    I will just note that Dr. Leo Galland in NYC, who specializes in treating the digestive system has written that he has found mastic gum, which is available without a prescription, to be helpful in treating ulcers.

    As you may know, Dr. Barry Marshall of Australia won the Nobel prize a few years ago for his work showing that ulcers are associated with Helicobacter pylori infection. I hope your doctor will test you for that, if he (she) hasn't already done so.

    I will also note that it seems possible that there is a connection between your low iron and the ulcer. Ulcers can cause blood loss into the digestive system, and over time, this can cause a shortage of hemoglobin. Whenever iron is low, it's always a good idea to look for the cause and not just treat the iron deficiency. In some cases it's due to heavy periods, but in your case, it sounds as though the ulcer is a likely candidate for being the cause of the low iron.

    I hope for the best for you.

  4. ilovepink4

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    i think having three little boys to care for is part of the reason you are exhausted....and it looks like your youngest is only 13 months old? so that right there would do it! i got really sic with FM when my kids were got really bad when they were 4,6,13, 16....our oldest has cerebral palsy and needs 24 hr care....a nurse practitioner suspected I had FM when we only had 3 children but it was very mild...after we adopted our 4th child, we suddenly were short on help with our oldest, and the baby was colicky, and i could feel the stress and anxiety in my neck and throat....

    when our youngest was one, i had a hysterctomy, oh, and i had a car accident when our third baby was 5 months old, our oldest had a surgery that kept her in the hospital for 12 days when our third baby was 3 months old and i stayed in an adjoining hotel with the baby while helping and staying with our daughter in the hospital....and while i was there, i had to bring the baby into the ER three times due to some type of breathing problem, like an asthma attack, that was never fully diagnosed....and i got mono when the third baby was 12 months old....

    when our youngest son was almost three, one of our helpers for our disabled daughter lost her 3 yr old to an ATV accident....we were very close to her and her parents to her....she would come in to work here on the weekends and lay on the foot of our bed while her baby would crawl up inbetween my hubby and I and she would pick at my husbands nose and eyes!!! this gilr had worked off and on for us over the years and we were the ones that helped her out when she had problems....we were called to the hospital while they were trying to save her son after the accident, i was holding her in my arms when the doc told her that her son had died....that kind of, i really think that the death of that little boy was the last straw for my health....i had babysat him the day before his accident, and his baby sister because his mom was sick....he came to our house while she worked with our daughter all the time and he was like a grandson to us....we just took care of him with our little boys while she took care of our this day, 7 years later, i still think of him almost every day and it was the most traumatic thing I have ever seen or been involved was so horrible to watch her go through this nightmare!

    so, the stress of raising the kids, (and our boys are full of the dickens! they are 10 and almost 13 now and still full of it!) and all of those stressful events that happened in a short amount of time hit me hard and i was housebound/bedbound pretty quickly....

    i suspect your fatigue is the FM getting me, it sounds like it is a progressive condition....lots of us have gotten worse over time......i had it mildly, in fact i didn't believe i had FM until I got so sick so suddenly....over the course of the year after Dylan died, i just couldn't keep up like i had before..i would look at all the other moms at preschool and wonder why I was so tired all the time and how come they had so much more energy...i felt so guilty and like I was a bad mom......i had numbness that happened within a few weeks and terrible, overwhelming fatigue too....the docs thought i might have MS but nothing showed up on the MRI...i was diagnosed pretty fast after the numbness came on in the summer...i was diagnosed in Oct of that year....

    when I read about your fatigue and the guilt and the hubby not quite getting it, I felt like I was reading about myself, 7 years ago! i am so impressed that you are able to work, and teach sunday school, and care for 3 little boys!!! i wish i could still do all the stuff....i just lay in bed and rest while the kids are at school and when hubby is fact, i am in bed all the time unless i have to get up to help my daughter with something or toss in a load of laundry, let the dogs out, feed the cats, etc....and then, it is right back to bed....i am only comfortable when i am laying down....i have no energy....i can leave the house once in a while but only for about an hour, then i get so exhausted and overstimulated that i can't wait to get back to is hard to describe the feeling but i just get overwhelmed and exhausted by noise and lights and people talking....

    i just think that you are getting worse....maybe, if you could cut back a bit, you could slow down the progression of this...?

    sorry for such a long post....but, these were all factors in my getting sick and getting least in my opinion.... i guess i ddin't really have any control over the things that happened to me, but, maybe if you could have less stress, in the things you CAN control, it might help?

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