Not quite sure how to read my doc's reaction today....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen55, Mar 18, 2003.

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    I gave the nurse the pain diary and she was impressed that I had done that on my own, and she told me to continue doing it, and said it would be good to have it as part of my record. Well, duh! The doc was was running WAY behind schedule today. I didn't see him till almost 1.5 hours AFTER the time of my appointment.

    I'm not sure if he was just harried and frustrated because he was so behind, and he had to be somewhere else very soon. I almost got the feeling he is starting to doubt me and that really bothers me. He spoke of a pain psychologist who holds clinic at his office every month and suggested I might want to see him. I told him I was willing to try anything. He kept saying this other doc talks to you about alternatives to pain meds. Well, *we* have tried alternatives, including physical therapy, diet, supplements, heat, music, etc.

    I wasn't (and still am not) sure where he was coming from with this, but then he asked me if the pain meds he was giving me were controlling my pain adequately?!? I told him that he could see from my pain diary, there have been several days in the last month where I got no relief, and there were a few days where I had a lot of relief, but the norm was I got *some* relief, which basically means it takes the hard edge off the pain. He didn't offer anything different, but he didn't suggest not taking them either and wrote a new prescription for the next 6 weeks. I feel so confused!

    He did mention waiting to see what the results of this IGF-1/stim test were and seeing where that leads.

    And when I go back in 6 weeks, I'm having prolotherapy (see my post on that).

    Should I be concerned that maybe he's getting tired of treating me??


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    I think sometimes that they don't know what else to do for us. It sounds as if he's trying, though, especially is you are having prolotherapy soon. I'll have to read your post on that because I don't known anything about it.

    Maybe he was just having a bad day. If it were me, that would be EVERY day!!

    I still want to find a pain chart and make one up for me to start keeping. I think that's a great idea.
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    Doctors seem so harried these days and itis not fair to the patient. I see a pain specialist and his nurse takes all the info. down + hopefully he reads it. A month ago I waited two hours to see him + when I mentioned he was having a busy day he said" it was nobodys business in the waiting room what was going on in his office" I replyed that "well, I had waited for him " + he said he thanked me for that.Next time I waited 1 + a half hour + was told I would have to make another appointment as he had to do surgery.They can do what they please pretty much because when you are on narcotic meds. you can not take the time to look for a new Dr. as he only gives a months supply. "You are between a rock + a hard place"
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    has always been wonderful. I've sung his praises many times. I guess that's why I'm concerned about the way he acted yesterday. I *hope* it's because he was having a bad day himself. It took me a long time to find this doc, and the thought of having to start that search all over again really upsets me.