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    Some days I think that my brain has gotten lost and I can't make the right desision. TAke this morning for example: I removed the old carpet protector { hard plastic wiht tiny sharp spikes all over the bottom} then with out really thinking I got the new one and tried to roll it up so that I could move it better. But the pointy sharp stickers in it were causeing me to scratch my self and gouge me as well.

    I tried several times to get it in the right spot and with each move I would dig harder in to my skin and legs. It is now laid down in the living room under the coumputer chair but it is too wide for the space as it can't lay flat because of the legs.

    I now have red welts where each of these tiny sharp points scratched and dug in to my skin. I knew better and should have let DH do it. But then it would not have gotten done any time soon. My legs are aching more and I am in more pain. Maybe one day I will stop and think before I do dumb things myself. I am in pain now and I should have waited and had hubby do it when he got home.

    Our youngest daughter,SIL , 2 grandbabies ages 18 months and 3 yrs are moving back to Utah around September 15 or so. They are going to stay with us till they can find an apartment in ODgen , or srounding area, so they may be here for a few weeks.

    Now my house is not child proofed, SIL proofed and is a mess. I don't clean like I us to do. I have a spare bedroom that is filled with stuff that needs a home. Christmas tree, wooden boxes that hubby won at mountian man rondevous, boxes of junk photos, papers, you name it and it is in there. The kitchen is a mess and I have yet to find the table. And the other bedroom still needs to be picked up and vaccumed before they get here.

    Hubby says that he is going to "Clean the rooms out and baby proof the house. So far nothing is done or has been touched , moved, or even looked at. WE don't have that long to get it cleaned up and I can only do so much in a day or I over do and crash and can't do any thing. I did my part today by moving this darn stabbing, sharp pointed plastic from one bed rom in ot the living room and now is under the coumputer {dddoes not fit right but it is there}
    I would have some one come in to help me but hubby has a FIT every time I say that I am going to get help with cleaning. He tells me that he will get it all done as soon as he has time. That scared me as there is not that much time left .
    I Know that i can clean u htis messy house alone as I would pay for it for weeks but hubby seems to think that there is no rush to get it done. I really want these rooms to be all cleaned up to that hte kids and sleep in one room and the Daughter and SIL can sleep in the other room . the kids bedroon is big enough for them to have some place to play in , aand be safe for them.

    I Know that it is alot to ask of a husband but he was the one to ask to clean them up. Please help me to find a way to get him moving with out annoying him too.
    It is so hard for me to wait till people are willing to assist me in doing these things that cause me to hvave more pain and to crash more often.
    ~HUGS~Need lots of help !!!!!!!! Rosemarie
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    Hello Rosemarie,
    I also can not keep up with house and Hubby says not to worry he will get to it.. Don't get me wrong I love him like crazy , and he supports me with all my FM CFS and all. ..
    anyway , when we are home together I will start doing stuff cleaning and then he jumps in and takes it over... a little at a time , but it gets done.. he does most the cleaning, vacume mop, I just can't , like you said without over doing .

    good luck ,, wishing you the best

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    Rosemarie don't give up hope.

    Tell hubby gosh dear would love to make you dinner put I spent all day cleaning!! Then put some of those pokie rug things on his side of the bed tonight!

    I know how frustationing this can be.. our brains get frantic about getting things done now.but then again do it now so you can rest before kids arrive.

    Tell hubby to go golf or something then call for help. If it does'nt get done kids can help when they get there.

    Put your feet up and relax Hey Im n slc to!!!!
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    Put on oven mitts, turn it over so the smooth side is facing down, drag it where you need it with the smooth side scooting across the floor.

    Been there. Done that.

    And be gentle with yourself.

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    Hubby has noticed that parts of the house are cleaner now and tells me "Thanks" for cleaning. I asked him about when he was going to get to cleaning the room for the grandbabies to sleep in? He tells me that there is no rush as we still have 3 weeks before they get here.
    My daughter called today to say that she is packing and her hubby is being a dip about it. Not helping at all not even watching the kids.
    I tell my hubby about the call and he says he does not think that she is really packing now and that she is going to wait untill the last days to do it. I know that this has happened twice now when they have had to move and both kids did not pack untill the very last days. But since she wants to come home and I know how my SIL thinks I know that she is doing all the work and he is sitting on his assets. He has said that since he works 12 hrs a day that he does not need to help her , at all not with the kids, packing or driving here.
    Thanks for all your replys I loved your suggetions and stories. HUGS to you all

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