Not so sure my daughter ever had CFIDS - HELP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abbylee, Oct 30, 2005.

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    When my daughter was born in 1972, she was never sick. She was very busy and she taught herself to read when she was 3 by watciing Sesame Street and the Electric Company. She was not gifted, she simply learned early. She has always been a great student.

    At the beginning of her sophomore year in high school, she got sick with what was a cold and swollen glands.

    For the next 2 years we lived this life. I gathered notes from doctors and begged them to let her graduate. They did !!

    She was deathly ill from Nov - May. She somehow stayed in the beta club and even tho she missed 35 days each year of school, they let her pass her grades. She even ended up in the beta club!!

    After that it was summer again. I worried what would happen when she got to college with this problem. I shouldn't have worried. Not only did the roommate know about this, but she has a sister with CFIDS?

    Each May, however, ny daughter was fine, she took the lifesaving coursess and cpr course and lifeguarded until time to return to school.She coached a swimm team, taught lessons, you would be amazed.

    After graduating from college, her symptoms have gone completely in remission - if that's what she had at all.

    What was this if not cfids? (She tested positive for epstein-barr and mono?

    Right now she is going strong again just after living for 4 years in New York. There is no WAY she could have had this. I jusr wonder what was really wrong

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    I'm wondering if it could have been some kind of allergy that was only present Nov. - May.

    When she graduated college did she come back to her home state or move to some other part of the country? If she moved away, maybe the remission was due to not having the allergen in the new area?

    Very curious.

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks for your input. jancahoon when we were trying to figure out what she had, one of our stops was at the allergists office.

    She was tested, and they found NO allergies. Not even to dust. The doc said that everyone is allergic to dust - but not her. She was put in some record book of some sort.

    The way we were told she had CFIDS was by some blood tests run by the eye doctor. She had been for her eye exam in August, and in November she said her vision was blurred. I took her immediately to the eye doc, and he said that in 3 months her eyes had changed drastically.

    I told him that I wasn't surprised as she seemed to be falling apart. I said it partially joking, but he asked me to explain what I meant. After hearing about her problems from the previous year, he ordered the e b v test that came back positive. Eventually they diagnosed the CFIDS.

    Stormyskye - I can only hope that she's still eating healthy food. She's 32 now, and I can't control much anymore - though I try!!!

  4. abbylee

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