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    OK...well, I posted recently the job opprotunity that I was offered which really sounded like a goodthing and a blessing from above.

    After finding more about it I decided not to go for it and I will explain why. I am not disappointed because I realize at least I didnt jump into it blindly and ended up making a mistake.

    The first dilema was child care problem in evening. You see it would be ok to line up a few teens in neighborhood IF I KNEW EXACTLY which days and what time I could line them up for...

    BUT...after discussing with Tom (the gentleman who offered me the job) I found out that it will vary day to day, week to week with how busy or slow it would be. That was the first big red flag I was concerned about.

    The second and BIGGEST issue of all was the pay. I wouldnt get ANY money unless a loan closed then Id get commission. NOT GOOD for my househole.

    I need to at least have a steady paycheck week to week I can count on. My sister who is a Finance and business major for years now and is very successful told me Id be making a huge mistake to get involved with a job that was only commission only job.

    So after reveiwing all his I decided its not the best choice for me or the family.

    I am truly thankful that I didnt jump into too quickly.
    I would have put myself into a bad situation and would have regretted it.


    Its that SILVER LINING TO EVERY DARK CLOUD thing....its been applying to my life alot lately. Its ok though. Im glad that after all these years I have learned to see all the small blessings in all the big tragedies and struggles.

    BAck to skimming thru the want-ads in the newspapers now.

    I need to leave the job I am at as soon as possible. Id love a prayer or two to give me guidance and direction. I KNOW God has something in store for me,I just am completely lost right now. At this point I think fear is paralyzing me as well. SO please say a prayer for me to have confidence in pursuing another job. I really am petrified.

    Hubby sat with me the other night and we were talking about my situation. I broke down in tears and told him I was scared to death to get a new job...becuase of how I feel about myself, my illness and all the mistakes I am making now that the brain fog has gotten really bad and I am not sleeping AT ALL.

    He said to me "Ive been thinking alot about how stressed you are lately and how sick you have been...then I thought about where you are in your job right now...I came up with the fact that I think that if you get a new job and get out of the horrible situation you are in there that 75% of your stress and anxiety will what you need to do is get out of that job as soon as you can....". I think hes right.

    I think my illness has gotten worse over the past 8 months or so because of my job stess getting worse and worse...NOT the job itslef, but the two young ladies who are messed up in the head that I work with.

    Time to move on....

    Just really scared to death. Im praying for inner peace and a direction...becuase seriously, I AM SO LOST!!!!!

    Thanks for listening!


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    I'm so sorry that your new job opprotunity turned out to be a bad one, But at the same time I'm also thankful to the Lord that you didn't jump into it blindly.

    I do agree with your husband, I think that alot of your stress comes from all that you are going through with your co-workers.

    Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will watch over Diane and hold her hand and lead her in the direction she needs to go to find a new job. I also pray that you will give her peace, comfort and strength to endure all the problems that she has at her present job. For it is in Jesus' name that I humbly pray Amen and Amen.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    ITs really hard to go into a job everyday that she don`t like and people there are causing you so much stress. You would be better off somewhere also.

    I will be praying that God will lead you to a better place to work. Somewhere you can feel relaxed and good about yourself again.

    Take care,