Not Sure about FM but Leaning That Way

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    Greetings Everyone!
    I have been in a quandry about my physical state for about 2 months now and haven't actually seen a doctor except for individual complaints (and there have been a few). However, I'm starting to think that they are all tied together and I am very strongly starting to believe that I might have FM.

    First of all, let me start at the beginning. Back in November, I had a terrible emotional blow in my life. I won't go into details, but it was enough to disrupt my whole lifestyle. My nerves were shot over the situation. About two weeks after the event, I started having horrible headaches. This was the beginning of a whole bunch of extremely weird symptoms for me. The doctor diagnosed them as tension headaches but no drug seemed to help them. I had a ringing in my ear, as well. Then I took bronchitis, which in itself is not strange but it was number two on the list of physical complaints. Then the muscle pains. And the diarrhea. I have bouts of diarrhea that make me go to the bathroom about 5-6 times per day with very loose stools. My chest hurts frequently and so do my arms but I'm convinced it is not heart pain even though I freak out sometimes thinking it is. My arms ache like flu aches and then sometimes get sore afterwards.

    During this two month period, my mother has suffered two heart attacks, which has added to my emotional distress and I have been having severe panic attacks. Light headedness, dizziness, heart racing, a feeling of dying or going crazy. This morning, I woke up with my arms aching terribly and I always get so scared.

    Is there anyone out there who shares these symptoms? I seem to have more pain in the upper part of my body; neck, arms, back, and have lots of very tender areas. Sometimes I do experience lower back pain as well. Also, a couple of nights ago, the skin on my chest felt as if I had rubbed a cold cream on it (such as Ben Gay, etc). It was freezing cold, although nothing had been rubbed on it.

    Let me hear from someone........misery loves company!!!

    Thanks guys!