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    There is a post about getting part time work from lisjhn,a person by the name of Richard 50 has posted,Mikie i think you should look at it.I pressed the alert button but wasnt sure what to do. SHARON
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    I have banned this person and deleted his post. You can always press the alert button when you see something like this and our webmaster will find it. It was also good that you posted so I saw it when I came online. I do not fool around with snake oil salespeople; I immediately ban them. Thanks for the heads up.

    I was a little late getting on today as my daughter called early this morning to tell me my Granddog died last night. She is the one sitting next to me in my profile picture. This is the second Granddog I have lost just months apart and not that long after losing my Mom. It's just been so hard.

    Love, Mikie
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    My mom died 17yrs ago and i still miss her deeply,my dad died last feb,it doesnt get any easier.There's no one like your mom no matter how long you have them for.I'll keep you in my prayers.SHARON
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    Y'all don't know how much your loving support means to me. These dogs are mother and daughter pit bull/chow chow mix. It was the daughter who died. She's always had neurological abnormalties which the vets have never been able to identify. Lately, she has had seizures type spells, but again, by the time the vet sees her, she is normal. She was old for a dog this size, so I believe it was just her time to go. The mother dog is suffering from old dog maladies and we don't know how aware she is yet that she has lost her daughter. She and I were always so close as she spent summers with me when she was just a pup. The last time I visited at Thanksgiving, she didn't recognize me. Before that, all one had to do was say the word, Gramdma, and she would flip around and dance all excitedly.

    It's so hard to lose those who love us so unconditionally. They are God's little furry angels on Earth. Thanks again, everybody and bless you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just to say sorry about your losses. I lost my mum 14 years ago on our 30th Wedding Anniversary. My dad died 4 years later, but I don't miss him a lot as he really wasn't a very nice man. I certainly miss my mum tho'. Am thinking of you with your loss of your dog too. Right at this moment I have my 15 year old Silkie Terrier sitting on my knee. She has been totally blind for about 4 years, but one of her eyes is very red and inflamed. It is Sunday over here and no vets around in a small town. I will ring as soon as I can in the morning and have her seen to. She just wants comfort which despite the HOT weather, is why she is on my knee.Thinking of you, love ozgran.
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    Thank you so much. I'm sorry about your baby's eye. I pray it will get better with treatment.

    Love, Mikie
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    You said it....unconditional love. They never care if we are complaining, never ask us if we are suffering from a "real" illness, never wonder why we have to work less now, don't care if we lay around with a heating pad......they just love us as we are.

    I'm so sorry about your loss, Mikie.

    Healing Hugs,
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    Being a dog mom I appreciate the care, the love, the special relationship we have with our dogs. I have a 12 year old red pomeranian that looks like a mini version of your beautiful dogs. She is my constant companion and keeps me going everyday. I feel sorrow at your loss very personally and want to convey to you the love of a fellow dog lover and hugs during this time of grief in your life.
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    With all the love and support as my kids and I mourn our beloved Wolfie. Thank you all so much.

    Love, Mikie
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    about the loss of your beautiful granddog. I lost my mom in Oct.'95 and my Dad in Oct.'97. In between I lost my darling 18 yr old stray cat, Leroy, in Oct.'96. I always say his loss was as profound as the loss of my parents. I still miss him. It must be so difficult having so many losses at once. God bless.

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    Pets are every bit as important to their families as the human members are. People who have never learned to accept the unconditional love of a pet are deprived of a very important element of life. I lost my old K9 after 16 wonderful years, and a little less than two years ago I lost my 2 favorite cats. We have other pets, but those were special, if you know what I mean. Our newest cat is so sensitive to my condition, that I often wonder if she is a reincarnation of the 18 year old. She will follow me into the bedroom and lay down beside me when I crash. She curls up next to me and purrs me to sleep. My husband (no, I haven't killed him yet)named our new puppy Murphy, because he looks so much like the old K9. That gave him some mighty big paws to fill. I hope he will be up to it. At 4 months, he is already over 50 pounds, and a real live wire. He is 1/2 German Shepherd & 1/2 pit bull. So far, he seems to have inherited the best traits of both breeds.