not sure if i have FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by buffy2004, Feb 13, 2006.

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    not sure if i have FM, doctor has me on vicodin for last year, mostly for pain in my neck...that seems to be the worst, but my whole body hurts, apon waking i am very stiff and need a hot shower just to get moving. i have been on nexum for last 3 years, and i have a tinging sensation in my right shoulder/back. i cant remember the last time i felt like i got a good nights sleep....i wake up very early and am not able to go to sleep no matter how tired i am. My doctor has never mentioned FM as a possible cause.... I have had MRI, x-ray's been to chiro and physical therapy. tried so many medications but the only one that work for the pain is the vicodin,,,,,she put me on amitriptolyne last month and that has helped a little in the sleep department. does this sound like FM and if so what can my doctor do to help more...
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    I, agree. It does sound like FM. You have come to a good place. People here are very caring and supportive. Educate yourself, that is key. If you can, spend time here reading about what helps others. There are so many things and we are all different.

    Treating the sleep is important and you have made a good start with the amitriptylline. You might consider a sleep study, if you continue to have sleep problems. Stress is a real trigger so try to lessen that. I find massage and acupuncture helpful.

    Take Care

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