Not sure if I should push or back off...

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  1. kuntryhart

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    Hey guys & gals!
    I am a fibromite, and am a designer for Home & Garden Party. I haven't done much with it this year 'cause it's just been too hard on me to load up the car, and haul the stuff in and out. I have been feeling better, so I booked a party for Friday Night. It was a good party, but the next day, my shoulders,my back, legs, seemed like everything HURT!! I always wonder if I should push myself to keep moving and expect it to get better, or back off and rest.I chose to rest the next day and it has improved. I get very frustrated not being able to do what I want, as I know you all do too. I know I could do really well with this, but my body won't let me!! :( There are so many things I used to do, that I still want to do, and have lots of ideas that I'd like to implement, but the body won't do as I do think there's any chance it would get better if I pushed, or am I right to do what instinct tells me and take it easy? What do you think??? kuntryhart
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    If your body is telling you no, you need to slow down. No need in hurting yourself!
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    you need to rest after an event such as the party. If you push too hard you will end up in bed for a week. We are all diferent when it comes to how much we can do, but if you are asking this question I think you probably already know you need to rest up.

    Be good to yourself. You did a good job now take a little break.
  4. Shirl

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    I have learned (the hard way) to listen to my body. As for FM at this point in time its the BOSS!

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. kuntryhart

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    was because I had read about a lady who said it hurt like hell, but she literally exercise her way to a "cure". So, I wondered if anyone else had found that it helps to stay with it and keep moving. My past experience has been that I just get worse, but thought maybe I didn't stay with it long enough before I quit. Maybe I was wimping out.....I don't handle pain for too long before I'm down. kuntryhart
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    for me is the answer. If I really want to do something I know will take all my energy and have to push myself, I do it but don't even try to do anything except the basics the next day (or three if needed!!)

    Sometimes I just push on knowing I'm overdoing things because it's too depressing to just do hardly anything all the time.
    I know excercise is important for fibro and as I don't have much pain I want to stay that way by keeping up excercise. However it doesn't take much to fatigue me!

    So I'd say, try to balance it out. Do parties if you enjoy them, but make sure you can have time to recover and don't book them too close together.

    It is frustrating isn't it. I really want to get back to work soon, I've been off for six weeks already, but I'm nowhere near being able to stand and work all day (let alone for 4 or 5 days!)
  7. kuntryhart

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    For all your input. I'll take it all into consideration. What a big ordeal for something that shouldn't be a big deal. Kuntryhart
  8. Carmellaf

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    but I try to exercise at least three times a week and keep as active as I can the other days.
    I say just as the others have said, do what you can and rest. Don't push yourself too hard.
  9. Patti2

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    I push myself till it says stop. I stopped pushing when the Boss push me harder than I could push. So do what your body says..
  10. dolsgirl

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    Go with what your body tells you. dolsgirl
  11. horsegal

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    This is exactly a topic that makes me mad. Push, don't ppush. Exercise, don't exercise. Go don't go. I just can't seem to find a happy medium...if there is one. I go and then I hit bottom and I still then try to go on. People and me don't understand. I'm trying hard, but I can't seem to hit the nail. On this board there seems to be so many controversial opinions. I sure as hec don't seem to find an answer. Listen to your body.....if I did that, I'd be sitting/laying on the couch all the time. Sorry, just a bit frustrated.

    Wanting to quit and give in to the couch,

    P.S. Seems a bit opposite if you've read any other of my posts or replys. I just get tired of pushing and averting pain and fatigue out of my head. It takes so much energy to get them out of the way!!!!
  12. Annette2

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    There is a difference between exercising and doing other things like working, volunteering, etc. Exercising is the time you devote to taking care of your body by doing something like walking, biking, swimming, etc. etc. The other stuff is either your job, or cleaning, or doing errands, etc. Exercise is done on a limited basis - one hour or two, and so on. But with the other stuff, you have to pace yourself more. You can't expect to pack up a car, haul stuff, talk to people, bring the stuff home, and then do it day after day after day. It's too much. Even with a 9-5 job you get to pace yourself. You can't overcome FMS by "pushing" yourself through it. It just doesn't work that way. PACING is the word here. So after a big work-day like that, take care of yourself the next day. That way you won't run out of energy in the long run.

  13. kuntryhart

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    I have found some new ways to approach things from all of your replies. I have often wondered about whether my lack of stamina was due to the Fibro, or the fact that I'm getting older and am overweight. After reading what you, HiRiskRN, said in your reply, I realize that the Fibro has to play a major role. I hadn't thought about the difference between exercise and work. There's so much to learn about this, and it seems to be constantly changing, too. I do love decorating, and am researching ways to book more catalog parties. I do have another job as a secretary in a Real Estate office. I work 4 days a week from 8:30 to 5:00. Then there's the housework and family responsibilites. Whew! I'm tired!! :) As bad as this gets at times, I could be so much worse off, and life is still worth the living!!We have to dwell on the bright spots in our lives, and reaching out to others as much as we can.Thanks so much to everyone!!! Kuntryhart

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