not sure if it's lyme

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    i found a tick on the back of my neck a few weeks ago that was attached. Every since then my head has been itching terribly bad. I have FM so it's hard to tell if the pain and fatigue i'm having is from that or could I have gotten lyme from the tick. I was just tested for Lyme about a month ago. Should i get tested again?
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    You should be concerned since you found an attached tick on you.

    Itching by itself isn't a real reason to suspect lyme, but FM is.

    May I ask which test you had and which lab did it?.....was it a western blot from Igenex lab in CA??

    The testing is not real accurate especially at other labs, so many people with lyme have negative tests.

    Since 99% of Dr's really know nothing about lyme and how to diagnose it, they mistakenly rule out lyme when a test result is negative.

    FM is just a syndrome of symptoms given a name and then you are told it has "no known cause".

    Well, everything has a cause....and often it can be the bacterial infection borrelia burgdorferi......lyme.

    If you didn't have lyme before, and just contracted it from the recent tick bite, tests often do not show it right away....if ever.

    I will add a link to a paper by a lyme expert that has alot of excellent through it all.

    There is a good symptom list on pages 9-11 also.

    Consider getting a western blot from Igenex.