not sure it's fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by munchkin, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. munchkin

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    I'm new here and am not sure I have fibro? All the research i've done tells me I have it. Here are my symptoms:
    Ache all over
    Pain in neck, shoulders, back, hips
    can't do just simple things like vacumming, raking, gereral house work without hurting bad. Don't sleep well, anxiety alot now. I am going to see a doctor but I thought I might see if anyone thinks this might be what I have. Can you get this at anytime in your life?



  2. judywhit

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    it does sound like fibro. i have had this fms for a long time but just really bad the last 8months. I do take an opiod for pain at night. doc also just gave me flexeril (muscle relaxer) and I believe that this is helping me the most. One thing i noticed for me is that if I can just relaxe it helps. I wish you luck and hopefully you can find a doc that will be your health advocate. do not waste your time on a doc that does not believe this is a legit dieses. stick around here and you will learn bunches. use the search engine part of the message board for particular issues.. there is always an answer. my doc specializes in fms and says supplements are essientail. Fibrocare he says is a must!
    welcome to the group. we are all in this together.
    Be Blessed,
  3. munchkin

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    Thanks for your incouraging words Lady DJ! I haven't yet seen a doctor, but I am pretty sure I have fibro.
    Nice bunch here!!!!

  4. munchkin

    munchkin New Member

    Thanks Judy Whit ! I am pretty sure too that I have fibro! I haven't yet seen a doc. Nice bunch of people here!!!!!!!

  5. pearls

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    You may very well have fibromyalgia, but you MUST see a doctor for a diagnosis since other things can cause these symptoms. If you DO have fibromyalgia, then you MUST see a doctor regularly.

    I would not advise changing doctors based only on if the doctor you go to does not believe you have fibromyalgia, but I WOULD recommend finding another if the one you go to 1) does not believe your pain and/or 2) does not believe there is a such thing as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Good luck,

  6. hideycat

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    While it does sound like fm - you do need a doctor. If it's not fm - maybe you have caught it in time =)

    If it is fm you ned to start documenting the pain and the doctor visits.

    Stay positive. Avoid all unnecessary stress. And keep us all posted on how it is going.

    Hugs -
  7. Fibromiester

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    ~~~Just thought I'd throw this in here- The "official" diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is usually made by identifying the 18 Tender Points on the body. A DR. can help you locate them, or you can find them yourself: maybe by going to a Library and finding a good book on FM. Otherwise, your symptoms do add up!
  8. sssupermom

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    If you don't have all the symptoms does that mean it is not fm? I don't have all of them but each month I get a new one. Is there a ceiling to when it stops becoming worse?
  9. Beth37

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    Hi,No I don't believe you have to have all the symptoms,they come and they go,before it's over you will probably have them all sometime or another.Wanted to welcome you,Munchkin.It sure sounds like you have FM,but you could get lucky and have something that can be cured.Everyone here is very helpful.I like to come here and vent,makes me feel better.Well Take Care!Beth
  10. munchkin

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    Thanks for the info!!!! I am very pleased with everyones response to me. Great people here!!!!