Not sure whether to go back to this DoctorLong Sorry

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yourtroubl, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. yourtroubl

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    I went, Friday, to a Rehab facility for what I thought was an hour long massage. Instead I met with the doctor. He examine my chart, neck and arms. (where most of my pain occurs) He ask me about my supplements. Wanted me to purchase a magnesium and calcium powder from his (which I did) to take two times a day. You mix it up in hot water and mix that with something cold. Anyway, he seems to think my problem stems from MALABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS. I got about a 20 minute soft tissue massage of my shoulders and arms. Clothes on. Door open.

    He wants me to come back for 20 minute instruction of pool thearapy and massage. Wants to see my vitiamins to see "if I am taking junk".

    Now I totally believe in exercise, which I have not had the gumption to do and have gain alot of weight because of it. I have a pool and it does make me feel great but wears me out, of course.

    I think the visit cost me 37 dollars and who knows what it cost my insurance.

    I feel sort of scammed, but yet willing to try anything.

    These steriods are really making me gain weight.

    I dont want to believe I have fibromyalgia, although he even said I probably did. But the calcium magnesium would make me feel better in two weeks. I am to write down everything I eat. I also believe nutrition plays a big role. But the food we eat not vitamins he wants to sell me. I am thinking of cancelling. Doing my own nutrition research and exercising in my pool. What do you think?
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    Check out a comparable calcium-magnesium supplement on the internet and see if there is a difference in price. If the rehab facility's overcharging a lot on that I'd be wary.
  3. UnicornK

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    Like he is trying. We do have sone nutrient alabsorbtion. Magnesium and calcium together work good for some kinds of pain, especially muscle pain. And having it in powder or liquid form - to drink - is more bioavailable than pills or capsules And alot of vitamins are "junk".

    The fact that he gave you the massage with your clothes on and the door open could be so that he couldn't be said to have sexually molested you. It's a form of privacy when he doesn't have a nurse to be a witness.

    Pool, or water, therapy is one of the best ways for FM patients to get exercise because we tend to have post-exertional pain.

    To get more info on some of these subjects, do a search on them. Stormyyskye also has alot of good information on CFS/FM subjects. Search under her username.

    When it comes to doctors we are all suspicious because we have been burned so many times. Just the fact that your doc is willing to consider FM gives me hope for you. Do some research, like you said, (always a very good idea!) and then make your decision.

    None of us want this DD, but you have found a wonderful place here. I welcome you to the board and hope you find what you need.

    God Bless.
  4. PVLady

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    I know it seems different to you but it sounds like they are trying to help you with fibro. The problems with this illness is there is no quick improvements, it is basically all "trial and error" as to what will help.

    I am so glad some doctors are now acknowledging the condition exists. Many doctors still refuse to even belive it is a condition, that is so sad.

    I would go with the program for a while and see what develops.

  5. Lolalee

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    I,too, get suspicious when a doctor/chiropractor wants me to take the supplements that they sell. I always wonder what kind of "kick-back" they get from selling these products. It is probably unfair to them for the most part for me to think this way. There are a lot of supplements out there that can be considered "junk". If his products are good quality and affordable, I say go with it.

    I agree with what someone said about the open-door policy, however, I can understand why you felt uncomfortable. I once had a doctor remove a splinter from my buttocks and instead of having me undress and put on a gown, he had me keep my clothes on, lean over the gurney and pull my panties down. That was sooooo humiliating. I felt like I was being violated.

    You mention that you don't want to believe that you have FMS. I think we all feel that way. Did he do the trigger point exam? Did he run blood work to eliminate other illnesses?

    If you think you could manage your illness better than he can, then by all means do so. What kind of experience does he have with FMS? If you are just beginning treatment for FMS, I would suggest obtaing copies of all your medical records from the start. Also, start documented your symptoms and medical tests, physican care,etc.. Create a Medical History.

    Hope this helps.


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