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    I was wandering if anyone out there could help answer what this might be>?? I am having a foul oder when I belch. And have been for 2 days. I go see the dr. on wednesday, but i am just a little concerned. I did have diverticulitis which they had to remove 6 inches of my colon and now I'm a bit nervous if that is the problem now>?
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    Hi Amanda316,
    Welcome to the board I see this is your first post.
    My husband does that too when he eats too fast and it is the belch without the foul smell. I do remember him belching with the foul smell but I don't think he did anything about it at the time and it stopped on it's own.

    Sounds like something is out of balance in your stomach maybe you can talk with your doctor about taking Probiotic's. The store of this board has some good ones like Jarro-Dophilus Eps at $13.95 for 30-60 days.

    Hope the doctor you are going to knows about Probiotic's.
    Please keep us posted, sure pray that your colon is ok with your backround I can see why you are concerned.
    Take care,