Not Taking Much Insulin: Is it ok?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by type1golfer, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Alright, I have have type1 diabetes for about 3 years. I have pretty good control; my HbA1c is around 6.5 usually. Recently, I have been cutting down on my calories and eating a whole lot healthier. I never drink pop or anything and eat all natural. And I realized that I hardly ever have to take an insulin shot anymore. I can go days without taking shots anymore!! But my blood sugar hardly ever goes above 250 and if it does, I correct for it. My sugars are consistently low even. And I eat a lot, just small amounts all throughout the day. My blood sugar levels don't spike and I feel great! But I'm just wondering if this is healthy and if i should stop. But taking shots would make me low all day long, so yeaaa. Is this O.K.? Thank You! :D
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    Being as you are a diabetic, your medical advice on your insulin should come directly from your doctors and never from an online board. ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors. Please be careful and safe with yourself and take no risks--your doctor is your best source for treatment of your diabetes and how you should work with your insulin. Take care.
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    I agree with the last post.

    I am a type 2 diabetic, so I don't know much about type 1.

    But, if you are eating healthy enough that your blood sugars don't spike and they stay between 80 - 120 all of the time, it sounds as if you are doing OK, regardless of the amount of insulin that you have to take.

    The main thing for you to do, however, is to talk this over with the physician who treats your diabetes and see what he/she has to say about it. Diabetics should see their physician at least every 3 months for a general checkup. Keep an ongoing list of questions/comments that you want to discuss with your doc and take it with you to each visit.

    I'm so happy for you that you are feeling great!

    Happy New Year it is for you!!!