not the best week.

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    My daughter has been displaying similar symptoms to me for some time now. She has also had knee surgery a couple of years back and her knee has kept swelling ever since. They syringed a sample from her knee last time it swelled and took bloody tests. She had an appointment with her orthapod this week.

    I went with her and I took the bloody results I just got the week before. Sadly he has now told us that we both have SLE and also my son needs to be tested as he is displaying similar symptoms as puberty has come around.

    I am coping ok with my diagnosis but feel tremendous guilt at having passed this on to my daughter and possibly my son.

    I am trying to remain "together" about it all and not let the stress take over as I have had bad bouts of tachacardia this winter.. I am doing ok so far.

    Just hope and pray for some good news sometime soon, as this winter has been bad news after bad news. Roll on summer.
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    when you were talking about what a bad WINTER it is has been...I had to stop and's summer. Then, I read your bio! Funny me.

    I'm sorry about your daugher and possibly son, but please don't feel guilty. I inherited high blood pressure from my dad, and my oldest son got it from me...the gene pool moves on. Now, I'm not negating the seriousness of the disease, but you have no control over these things...they just are what they are. Please give yourself a break! And take care of yourself! You are important.

    And, as you say, summer is coming for you...winter for me. Sigh. Winter is hard because of the darkness. Ah's my turn!