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    For the past month I've been in sooo much pain I went in early for my injections .The muscle spasms are alfulI can't use my hands much at alI have knots all most the size of a an extra large golf ball I'ts nuts usely after I get my injections they help not this time .To top it off my dr. went on vaction. till thusday.Help I've tryed everything ice heat Help
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    Hello BSHLEEN,

    So sorry to hear about your pain. I bet you have tried everything. I have pretty good results with Epsom Salt baths. It is soothing more than anything. Are you taking medications for pain control, or just injections?? My pain management is not that great and it helps. I take several different types of medicine for different types of problems and pain conditions. I have never been a med type person and now I am!! Anyway, I hope you get a break soon and I wish I could take your pain away.

    Take care...Jan