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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by jinlee, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. jinlee

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    I just returned from a party for my nephew and his best friend who just returned from duty in Iraq, safe and sound. They were both gone four long years but God watched over them and brought them back to us. They left boys and returned men. Everybody had chipped in money and purchased their marine swords and we presented them with these as a surprise.

    We need to keep praying for safety of others overseas, whether we agree with the war or not. They are putting themselves in harms way for
    America's freedom.
  2. Asatrump

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    Praise for a safe return. I have a close friend whose grandson was there, soon to return. I told her that each time I saw an American flag I would say his name.
  3. lovethesun

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    She almost had to stay there with the escalation but they had already started to ship people back,thank goodness.She will have to stay in the service til 2009 and go overseas again

    Again,I am happy for your nephew and his friend.I appreciate them for the courage they have to fight for our country.Linda
  4. tlayne

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    Yahoooo! I am praising God for you, your nephew, and his friend!!!!! I love to hear this! Thank you for letting us know! Many thanks to them and their loving families who also sacrifice! And yes for prayers for our soldiers! Love, Tam
  5. kgangel

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    I am thanking the Lord for the safe return of your nephew and his friend.

    You are right, so many many prayers are needed. This is a horrible thing that is going on in the mid East and we need relief from it.

    May God Bless you