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    Thanks for thinking of me! I'm hanging in there. I'm all healed regarding the hysterectomy. I went off hormones afterwards, and for months felt terrible! I suffered horrible, horrible hot spells. About a month ago I went back to my GYN and she put me on the patch. It's helped a lot. I still get hot, but not to the extent I did before. I still think a lot of my problems are due to FMS but it's hard to prove. I'm suffering terrible fatigue right now and have an appt. with my Family Practice doctor next week. He's sending me for blood work before the appt. and I hope he can help me when I see him!

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    and I am happy that you are on the patch which helps a little to cope with all the other symptoms we are facing every day. After I had my hysterectomy many years ago and was so fatigued, I blamed it also on the hormones. However, over the years and being diagnosed with CFS first and then FMS also, I realized that I had these illnesses even before the hysterectomy, otherwise I would have bounced back which I never did.
    It should be interesting what they are finding in your blood work. So, pls. keep me posted, and I wish that you ultimately get some help with the fatigue.
    Take care and all the best, Lucky