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    I am, now, at the point where I could maybe afford something new to try out..I was wondering if you still feel like the Cytolog was the best for fatigue and sinus symptoms...out of what you have recommended..

    I just had a big relapse, when I tried to stop the OLE..fever, nausea, huge sinus/migraine symptoms reappearing, extreme fatigue, fluish, I restarted the OLE and much of that has gone, except for the extreme fatigue..

    I don't want to just be dependent on the OLE, so I have been searching for an alternative, but for me, the GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) and Oregano Oil is not doing it..

    Do you think that Cytolog could replace the OLE, and if so, how long does it take to see the results? Have been having bad problems, since Sunday, so haven't posted much..

    Hope your world is great,
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    Which I answered, trouble is the board is so popular now that topics soon roll onto the next page.

    Nink, good luck with the surgery.

    Yes, it definately helps with the fatigue. I had resounding success within a week the first time round, took it for 4 weeks then stopped.
    The fatigue returned so started again, and although the sinus (my prob) and sinus/allergies (Dawns prob) have been completely eliminated, some fatigue still persists.

    But on the whole I highly recommend it. Cytolog definately makes a difference within 7 days. And will replace the OLE for you.

    Plantscaper, thank you for giving me your list of supplements on 80/04.
    In absolute honesty I think you are taking too much - your body is under immense stress as it is and all the different supplements only add to the stress load.

    I have found out that we harbour viral/bacterial/parasites because our bodies have developed the perfect breeding ground for these to set up home.

    We have become the host, and the answer to eliminating these pathogens is to alter the host environment, not just try killing them off with ABX etc... because it`s difficult and only comes back.

    I`m not claiming to have all the answeres, but the starting point is to try eliminating stress, as long as you have this, there`s no hope of curing yourself.

    Stress is often the initial trigger, it suppresses the central nervous system, which in turn affect the adrenal and hormone producing glands.
    Your past working history is a classic case.

    Stress will cause dehydration at cellular level which in turn creates cholestrol, an immune deficiency, oxygen, hormone levels and blood problems.
    Low water & Sea Salt uptake combined with an insufficient diet compound the problem.

    I could go on forever, I know you are eating well, but I feel you are constantly pushing yourself, plus you have the worry of an elderly Mum in poor health.

    Try giving yourself some quality time to completely relax every day.

    Unfortunately it`s getting late here 11.15 pm, and must hit the deck. But will reply to you again tomorrow.

    In short, go for the Cytolog, but look after yourself too.

    Nite,nite, Love Pat.
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    Hey PatPalmer,

    The abovementioned book is very applicable to me, so I know that stress is a big part of the problem, and will take your suggestions under advisement..the problem, is I don't know which supplements to put on hold at the I seem to have symptoms which make most of them mandatory...every book seems to lead to more supplements, not less..however, I do need to focus on the Adrenals, probably, above all now..and have been trying to gather enough information to help me find the best testing and best practioner in this area..

    Because of conventional medicine, I have had my thyroid treated, ineffectively (WITH synthetic thyroid) without any treatment of the Adrenals, which probably means I have unknowingly, put more stress on has been stated "one should not treat the thyroid without treating the adrenals"..been on thyroid for FOURTEEN YEARS..

    Have you read this book? written by a guy with a lot of credentials besides being a Naturopath, too..

    Ok, Pat, I may be completely open at this juncture..Which supplements do you suggest that I eliminate at this juncture? (did you see that movie,with Anne Heche, called "Six Days, Seven Nights", referring to the scene when the snake is crawling up her shorts..

    Hope you are having nice dreams, Pat,
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    I am looking at going to an integrative doc, but have two choices...but right now, I also have the need for some dental work, which is going to be I am still in the gathering of information phase, before I select a doc, and the need to put it off a little cause of the expense...

    With all due respect, do you think your practicioner would be better than an D.O.?

    I hope your surgery goes well, too..Take good care of yourself..What is your surgery for?

    To a better day,
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    I certainly agree with you on "where the doc is at" (not necessarily credentials) as some are much more "in the right place" than others..too bad I had one of those who retired..even though, she did not understand my disease, her empathy/intelligence/listening ability appeared to be right on...

    However, now, I need to have various testing done, in the realm of holistic territory, and someone who is more intelligent in our DDs..Need ASI, hormonal testing and treatment with natural hormones, neurotransmitter testing, and maybe some treatment with antivirals, and hopefully up to date on CFS/FM treatment..

    I have already decreased my prescription medications to the bare minimum, using only thyroid and sleep meds...and have replaced with herbs/vitamins/minerals..OLE helped me eliminate most of my prescription needs (use no migraine prophylactics and Imitrex, dropped my blood pressure meds, etc.)

    I guess the most important necessity is having someone, who has knowledge of and can test the above..but as I will always have to be on thyroid, I will need to go to someone who can generate prescriptions, but is Holistic, too, so that seems to put me into the realm of integrative the best answer..A "good fit" is of utmost importance, but I have not had the type doc that even came close to understanding what needs to be done relative to these DDs..

    Well, thanks for listening,

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    Hi Plantscaper,

    The book sounds very good, sounds like my problem too so will be getting it soon, thanks for that info.

    I think your fatigue and flu like symptoms after exertion are caused by many malfunctions including insufficient oxygen/generation at cellular level, and lactic acid build up.

    Your cells are very clogged up and can`t function with clearing of toxins and using vits & mins efficiently.

    At this stage many supplements are wasted because cells are unable to uptake them for this reason. Too much can add to the toxin load.

    Nink is absolutely right.
    This Disease is such a multifactural one that one needs to sit with an expert who will take your full health history to plot what exactly has gone wrong.
    Then with very careful nurturing bring about the changes necessary to restore the system.

    At the moment I can only tell you that your cells are coated with cholestrol - the body`s bid to prevent dehydration due to stress etc, and the blood is also not as it should be.

    The starting point is:-

    The water & salt regime, increase the salt to 1/2 tsp a day, - the body will expell if there`s a surplus.

    & Flaxseed Oil, 2 tbsp a day.

    I don`t want to suggest at this point which supps you drop for now, but looking at your list I just wonder which ones you feel have made a difference first.

    Has the Pregnenolone in particular helped?

    I`m away this weekend till Tuesday "It`s our 3rd Wedd Ann" so forgive me if I don`t get back to you till then.

    No I haven`t seen the film, but get the jist of what you`re getting at, sorry, it made me laugh, but your situation isn`t funny, I know you`ve had enough now.
    I`m hoping as I cover this nutritional course that I can really help you through this.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

    Love Pat.