Notes From 2014 ILADS Conference: A Must Read About Lyme and Many Other Infections and Symptoms

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    These notes are from Lyme Whisperer's Blog from 10/9/14, 10/10/14 and 10/11/14 from the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) Conference in Washington DC.

    More than 500 practitioners attended to hear the best Lyme Literate Practitioners teach about Lyme Disease and many associated infections and problems.

    There is a lot of information here that may resonate with many of you with chronic symptoms.

    I think Bartonella is a huge problem, even for people who do not have Lyme.

    You will read that there are many species of Borrelia and therefore tests do not pick them up.

    You can find info about many different infections and many strains of infections.

    You can read about which infection often causes POTS, and many other common symptoms.

    In the weeks to come, I think betterhealthguy will probably post notes on his site from this conference.

    It takes him a little while to get them organized and posted on his website.

    If you have never checked out his site, he attends many conferences on Lyme and associated diseases, Alternative Treatments for Lyme and Co-infections, Functional medicine, etc and posts summaries of the info on his site.....very helpful stuff!!

    Tons of info on his site and the search feature is very helpful for finding topics.

    Here is his site if you want to check it out:
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