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    I think i've taken everything now d-ribose, b3 enadh loads of other crap nothing works. I guess this is a life sentence has any1 actually taken anything that gives them energy? i have had such a terrible headache for 6 years what a joke i an't pleased with this world no more its pants, how about you?
  2. Catseye

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    Have you tried any amino acids? None of the other stuff will work if you don't have the right amino acids in your body. Your body should make them if it's healthy, but mine isn't. I have to take lots of aminos.

    Prohealth has a free form amino acid complex that I take, about 5-6 per day; it's available in this site's store. I also use Dr. Teitelbaum's Daily Energy Enfusion, filled with vitamins, minerals and aminos. It's a powder that I take about 1/4 scoop 4-5 times per day. I can't function without it. I also take other aminos individually, about 8 of them, but the complex and the powder would be a good start for you.

    Don't stop trying things, it's the only way! The better you feel, the more you will figure out.


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