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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Tonight while rubbing my legs with lotion as my calves have been aching deeply, I found a spot behind my knee and justbelow wher the back of the knee bends. There is a knot there that is so tender that just brushing aginast it sends me in to tears.

    Also my left wrist is causing more pain than normal, iiiI found a spot that hurts horriabley when I was putting lotion on my arms, this tender point it so pain full that I was in tears . It is right at the break point where the titainum plate and screws are at. It I touch it just right it feels like I am breaking the bones again. They move a bit and that sends shooting pain that has an electrical shock to it. Don't want to hit that spot again.

    I have not had this type of pain before and it is really bad, not even taking my pain meds has eased this knot. I am baffled at so what it is. I was Dx'ed yrs ago with myeo facial pain syndrome could this be a pressure point? I can't stand anything touching it , I did try to ice it but that was like sending cold all thru my body by way of the veins that are in that area.

    I did over do it this weekend as i walked around the mountian man rondevous , there was a strong wind blowing and it was hard to walk. I spent time visiting with a friend in her camper our of the cold, and then went back to my daughters trailer and played with the grandbabies as they were stuck in the trailer because of rain...

    Also I noticed that my left wrist hurts more than it used to . It has ached all day long. I was rubbing it when I found a tender spot that really caused me alot of pain that raidated up and down my arm.I don't know what to blame this ever changing weather ,{Sunday the rondevouz site had two to four inches of new snow, and then it rained the rest of the day.

    I am so sick of the rain, snow wind and cold weather the state of Utah is having. Last night on the news the weather report stated that where I Live in logan got 3.45 inches of rain in 12 hours. IN some fo teh skiing resorts will be staying open till after the 4th of July. So if you like to ski come to Utah and ski in JUne thru July. IF not find some where warm that won't flood.

    I don't know what is going on with my body, I have a doctor;s appointment in a couple of weeks and have written down these tender points shockks ect. to tell the doctor. I can only hope that he will have some thing that may ease this new pain and not have it be a steriod injection as they have oinly cauesd me more pain in the past and the pain does not get better only worses. I won't do that again just as I will not have my kneen's injected at itthe injections I have had before only made the pain worse.
    I am falling apart fast.

  2. rosemarie

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    This new pain is a deep sharp pain that does not ease with any topical cream. I have not ever had pain this deep and so sharp. It comes when I touch my legs or wear any thing tight that pushs on my legs.
    I have heard of mps creating knots in the muscles which can cause severe pain in side the knots.

    I have to see my rehumy any way this month so I am going to ask him about this pain.
    Last night it hurt all night it felt like some one was pushing on the back of my knee caps and the pressure was so great. I have pain all over like this one, my elbows hurt when they are touched as the back of my head, ribs, my wrist is having it's own flare. I am feeling like my body is falling apart. Some thing different is going on than the fibro, arthritis , DDD ect.

    Hope that I can find out soon wwhat is going on with me.

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