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    Not too long ago, I read a post about getting an "electric shock" when receiving a shot of novacaine at the dentist.

    Well ... it happened to me today for the first time ever and took me by surprise to say the least. What a strange experience!! I even heard an arch sound at the same time I felt it - right in the spot the shot was being administered.

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    I was a dental assistant for many years. Often,this was due to the syringe hitting a nerve. I had it happen also, and you are right, it is like an electrical shock! Some people also stay numb longer after having this feeling.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi, Maracee58,

    I'm new on the message board and happened to notice one of your replies that mentioned you have an arachnoid brain cyst - me too! I'm having another MRI (which showed no MS lesions) next week just to make sure it's not enlarging).

    Anyway, in reply to your dental experience, about 10 years ago I went to the dentist to have a filling and got a shot of Novacaine into the nerve along my jawbone. It was a terrible electric shock which left the side of my jaw numb and tingly for SEVEN YEARS. It's all better now, but was such a horrible experience I am SO afraid to have any dental work done again. Luckily I haven't needed any in a long time, but when I do I'm sure I'll need some kind of a sedative to make it through!!
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    dear marcee,
    i just had the same thing happen to me about 4 weeks ago and my lips and tongue are still tingling. when i read the above post, and heard that the same thing happened to someone else and they have had numbness for 7 years, i freaked out. i hope mine doesn't last that long, because when i talk and my tongue and lips start tingling, it is hard sometimes to get the words out, even though my family says they can't notice any difference. it is driving me crazy. i am scared to death to go back and have any more work done. it was like an electric shock, just as you described. it only makes matters worse for me, as i was a frightened dental patient anyway. i bet it is going to be another symptom for me that the dentist just "awakened" glad to hear that you don't have any lingering problems with it.
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    I'm a dental surgeon and this feeling of being shocked is honestly nothing to be worried about . When we give an injection we are aiming to get as close as possible to the nerve supplying the teeth in order to block the impulses via that nerve from your teeth . Occasionally we get the injection "spot on" and actually hit the nerve we are trying to anaesthetise . It then gives this "shock" which unfortunately is not a pleasant sensation ( I know - it has happened to me too ! ) . So please don't worry about this . One point I will make to anyone with CFS ( such as me ! ) , when you attend your dentist always ask for an adrenaline free anaesthetic . Adrenaline in injections can potentiate anxiety ( for obvious reasons ) and mimic the stress response , so it is best avoided - we all have alternatives to use on adrenaline sensitive and medically compromised patients . Hope this helps ,

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    I had this happen to me 15 years ago. When it happened I jumped and my arm hit the dentist arm, he had a watch on. His watch hit my chin. My chin and gum in that area have been numb ever since. They said if it last after seven years then it will be permanent. It feels funny when I floss. Gail