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    I need help again. I have been taking Avandia 8 mg per day. I recently had a huge flare up of pelvic pain due to endo. Went to doc. They put me on a sliding scale of novolog anything over 250 10 units etc. My sugars havent gone below 350. I used the novolog yesterday with avandia. 10 units did not touch my sugars. My fasting is still around 300 and after meal with taking novolog I am around 370. Should I be taking more insulin. Is 10 units not enough. Please advise as my doc isnt much help. Thx.
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    Hi, I've had diabetes for 29 years. I take Novolog along with Novolin N. I use 18 u of Novolog along with 46 u of Novolin N before dinner.

    Apparently you need a basal insulin that is longer lasting than Novolog. I don't think 10 u will get you down much if you are 250, to be frank.

    I took another 42 u of N around 11 PM too, but I was 58 a bit ago, which is why I'm up this early.

    If I take 18 u of Novolog before dinner, and my sugars are 120 or less, you can see that you need a lot more than 10, but you have to experiment some. I think you need a longer lasting insulin to go along with the Novolog, either Novolin N or Lantus, which I have never used.

    If you are seeing a family doc, you really need to see a endocrinologist to help you with your diabetes as a fasting of 300 is way too high.

    Novolog only lasts about 5 hours in your body. I'd see an endocrinologist to help with what to do. I see one myself and my one son does too.

    Cut back on your carbs some (startches).

    Good luck!


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