Now are there any beautiful people who als have CFIDS?

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  1. MonteCar

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    No pun intended with the heading:) and also no insults:) I know that living with the pain is difficult and you don't want to see yourself like this but is there anyone else that has the same problem? I consider myself attractive but I can't really come to terms with looking in the mirror and facing the pain since there is really no answer now for it, anyone else know what it is like or know where I am coming from?


  2. judywhit

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    and I think I am rather attractive. Just today I was in the doctors office and while he was writing my pain med script I said to him "will I have to be on these meds all my life? I'm to young for this!" He smiled and said he was tired of me being in pain too. He then handed me my script for oxycontin. Which I hate to take, but he insists!!! I feel very grateful for a doctor who reconizes my pain and can see it in my face. I feel that I have to much life left in me and to many places to go and see. I will never accept this DD nor will I EVER just roll over and let it take me. I know I have limits within I have to live or I pay big time. But, in a sense this gives me a feeling of control over my life and this is a good thing. Hang in there Kurt!
    Learn all you can about this DD and learn to live your life to the fullest.
    be blessed,
  3. T-BO

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    At least thats what they tell me:).
    Despite the constant exhaustion, brain fog, and concentration problems, the Lord has blessed me with a great
    physical appearance!!
    For me, it is just another positive thing that helps me through the day!

    It is always important to keep in mind though, that regardless what your appearance is, it is what is on the inside that counts. No matter if your fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, red, orange, or purple, all that matters is if your a GOOD person!
    I judge no one for I may be judged!!
    I love everyone and if I see a person being discriminated in any way, I will stick up for them, whether I'm healthy or ill. That's the way I am.

    Always remember to stay tru to YOU!!!!

    God Bless!!!

    P.S. MONTECAR- Are you a chevrolet fan (monte carlo)????
    Just a thought:)

    Z24 all the way!!!!!


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  4. Mikie

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    I have never been a great beauty, but I have always considered myself reasonable attractive and been happy with my looks. After having my illesses active for 12 years, the last 2 1/2 being quite ill, my looks have suffered. I look tired. Chronic pain will do that to a person; so will chronic fatigue.

    I am planning on a little nip and tuck plus some laser work at the plastic surgeon soon. I need the lift--pun intended. I've tried healing every other aspect of my life and I think it's time to do this.

    I know I'm gonna hate myself for about three weeks, but then, the results will start to show. I hope to look refreshed and rested from the procedures.

    Love, Mikie
  5. cyberamy

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    I am in denial and hate looking in the mirror. I am kind of a vain person i guess, I worked out alot, took alot of pride in my appearance. Now I just hate myself for having this and refuse to accept it. I also hate looking at my self...what a pitiful site!! I even ordered the Alexis Vogel system to give me a boost and I don't have the energy or motivation to put it on!((HUGS)) to all
  6. judywhit

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    a bit of a nip and tuck Mikie! Too cool. Maybe we can share a room I need a bit of a touch up too. :)
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