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    Howdy here is the post you asked for and then I forgot about.

    Naw not dead yet still in CHillicothe. Dreadful as it is.

    Hubbys kids are .....

    insert someting that I can not say on the board.

    All of them now at some point in the last 4 years have claimed he is dead. So now he is pretty much having nothing to do with them.

    The grandkids that were taken away are with their fathers respectively. So one is in town here the other is in Michigan.

    So this is good. We will be calling the laywers and asking if they need us to speak against the mother. She just is not fit to have them.

    She got out of drug rehab a few weeks ago and has yet to call her dad. Her brother got picked up in KY for drug possession and pariphenalia (sp?) possession. So they both have the same charges against them only the boys is not felony.

    We are both tired. Enough is enough the kids should be more settled, the g-kids that is and they are not allowing this to happen.

    Both g-kids are having fun at the fathers houses, they have siblings that htey were never allowed to know in the past so now the youngest just became the oldest and has 2 little brothers and is no longer the only girl she has a brand new sister. The g-son has 2 other brothers and has learned compassion. His one brother is blind. He has had to learn life does not revolve around him and him alone.

    So these thigns are EXCELLENT!!

    Well I gotta shower and get out the door hounds are outta food. Know anyone that wants kittens? We have 5 hand raised and bottle fed we are looking for homes for. $20 a cat to help recoup the $165.00 formula bill we racked up.

    They are all so sweet and are on soft food but if given a chance would grab the baby bottle and run! ahah they are little nutters.

    Anyhow xoxo Missed chatting with you! Haven't been on the board cause it makes me focus on my bad health instead of on the things I CAN do. If you understand my meaning.

    TTYL Brenda xoxo
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    Great to hear from you, I'd check your user name every now and then and you weren't posting. I'm glad to know you're still alive and kicking! I read over on the fibro board but don't post much. Like you most of the time it just depresses me so I hang out over here talking to Donna.

    I'm glad the g'kids are all settled. I was worried about them coming to live with you and the toll it would take on you. I think all kids should get to know their half siblings. My step g'daughter who is almost 4 has an older brother that she never gets to see... I think that's bull but she isn't mine to raise.

    Speaking of g'kids, I have two more due in August. My oldest son and my stepson are both having girls. My son already has a 7 year old boy so we're excited about the girl. Been going to yard sales to pick up stuff for g'ma's house..LOL

    I just gave away two kittens. Someone dumped a cat here a year and a half ago and this was her third litter. She's a good old cat though, gets all the moles out of the yard for Dave that's he's been trying years to get rid of... unsuccessfully... LOL So far I have been lucky finding them homes. I take a picture of them and Dave puts it on the board at work. This time the lady took both kittens and that made me happy. By Fall I'll have more I'm sure.

    Also in July my min pin is going to have puppies! I can't wait, this is the first time I've had her bred. My neighbor up the road runs a kennel from her home and is teaching me the ropes. Kayte is registered so I shouldn't have a problem selling the pups.

    I'm sure it's as dry down your way as it is here. My youngest son Kris (17) is on the Berne Township Fire Dept and they are getting called out constantly for grass fires. Dave and I have been lugging the three hooked together hoses down to the garden to water. That dang freeze we had in March killed all my apple and cherry blooms so they'll be no applesauce froze for the winter.... grrrrrrrr. Do you have a garden?

    Well I guess that's it for now, still fighting the same old fibro crap and bad back and bad shoulder yada yada yada. How are you doing on your gluten free?

    Glad to hear from you girl, keep in touch!
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    Well howdy!!

    I have to say if I do not see the website for fibrochat in my history I just completely forget to come out here and look around lol!

    Wow puppies would be fun. We want to find a boyfriend for our Dixie. She is a red and white beagle. We are thinking either another well kept beagle or a pug. Got idea's??

    Anyhow we have sign's up for the kittens but no takers yet. I do not want to take them to the pound so may have to go into the newspaper office and get something put in there. We now have spent upwards to $200 for food since they are hand raised so we really want some compensation but if it does not happen then if I know they went to great homes then that is a bonus too.

    well actually with the vet bills for mama cat and then 2 babies todate then I guess its actually more like $400... Oh man need to stop thinking on this one I will get depressed.

    But on the upswing, when we have had to go to the vet I have won at bingo the night before so its been fab! lol

    If Jim does well enough this weekend since he is working cab now since he can not get anything else, we hope to be in Lancaster sunday at the Eagles. They have bingo there so we want to go play have a little fun. Guess the have good meals too! ehehheh

    Jim applied for a job in Alabama so if he gets it we would move to Birmingham. He is going to call the agency today to check on it. It would be working on mainating machinery for cryogenics and such, kinda sounds neat.

    As for me I am just really not doing much, we do not have a garden per se. I plant things and 3 years later they come up. I planted babies breath when I first came down here 4 years ago and it just came up this year. THat was nice lol. Lettuce I planted last year just came up beside our moonflowers. Just bought ladybugs and praying mantus to rid our yard of thrip and aphids and such. So much is attacking our plants and flower. Esp the rose bushes and because it has been so dry nothing is holding back the pests.

    The dogs and cats all have fleas already so the yard at times is crawling. Can not wait for the praying mantus to come out of their pods they will have alot to eat.

    I told people when they ask what I got for my b-day since it was in the first week of June and I say since I have no friends in Ohio I had to buy me some to party with. THey look at me odd until I tell em I bought ladybugs and praying mantus. Then they think I am out right nuts! Esp when they see me talking to the bushes and the flowers lol. I am also talking to our fairies and gnomes but they would really think I have wigged out so ack whatever lol!

    What has happened to the board? I hardly recognize all the people that are new! Where are all the oldies. And I infact wrote oddies until I saw it was wrong lol. I was even out at which if I wanted tech info on what was going on I had good fibro people there that were really sharp and that board is worse then dead they might as well just pull it no one is talking over there.

    anyhow since this has become a ramble I ought to go! lol hope al is well over with you! If you hear of people who want good handraised kittens only $25 I will get over to you lol!

    HAGD Brenda xoxoo
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    So...... did you get up here to the Eagles to play bingo? That's something I've never done but they have it all over the place around here. Hope if you did you won some big bucks! We drove down to the Ohio River yesterday, namely Pomeroy to take my dad to lunch. They have a wonderful steak house right on the rivers edge called The Wild Horse Cafe and we love to go there, food is fantastic. Of course right after lunch we had to head for home to let the doggies out potty....LOL

    Get rid of any kitties yet? I've always found that if you take a picture and print it out with your contact info you get rid of them quicker. I think it's because people actually see the sweet little babies and fall in love. Anyplace down there you can hang any of those? I don't blame you for wanting to recoup some of your money, I would too!

    Did Jim find out if he got that job? I'd cring at the thought of having to pack up and move, I wouldn't know where to start, we've been here for 17 years which translates to a lot of junk to pack...LOL But on the other hand it would be nice to experience living somewhere else.

    Another hot/humid day here.... sigh. Finally they are saying storms tomorrow, we need water so bad. The farmers are all holding their breath around me, corn and soy beans aren't growing as they should be. PLUS I'm dang sick of dragging those hoses down to the garden LOL

    Sorry you had to buy buddies to party with on your birthday..LOL I haven't seen a praying mantus in at least two years. Don't feel alone, I talk to all kinds of things that can't talk back!

    Ok, gotta get my butt in gear, lots to do today! Hope your day is a wonderful one and check in when ya can......
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    Naw we never made it to the EAgles, Jims brother was in hospital in Columbus so we had to go up there.

    so that is that maybe this weekend who knows.

    I still have all the babies they are running and jumping and going nuts so I hope to find homes soon.

    I just have no more energy to think so I will ttyl!

    THat and littlefoot thinks chewing on my fingers and helping type is way too much fun.

    Not on line much because of them trying to get on the computer too.

    smooooooootchies xoxo Brenda
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    Don't know about you but I'm about the BURN UP it's so dang hot here and the humidity is HORRID.... but I know you already know all of that fellow Buckeye!

    Is Jim's brother ok? Did hear anything about that other job?

    Get rid of any kitties yet? My min pin is getting fatter by the minute... she's due around July 10th.

    Can't think of a dang thing new around here, just trying to survive and keep the garden going. I'll let ya know when I get puppies!