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    There are posts from everyone but Pam at the end of the other post.
    Plus a surprise newcomer!

    Our flowers which have not been planted (vincas) held up very well
    in the shade while we were gone. Normally they like the sun but while
    still in the little containers...shade is best.

    Leah, I read your plant's name incorrectly (3 syllables). I thought you
    were telling Barry you had a pot of Oxtail. Meaning some soup. At least
    I think that is what it means.

    I did discover that if I take a 1.5 hour nap during every 4 hours during the
    day. I do better. Slightly better. Worth doing.

    Glad to be back and read your posts, loved ones!!

  2. Mikie

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    Lilac, it's good to have you here. I saw your name on the other board and it reminded me of our beautiful Lilacs when I lived in CO. Sometimes, they would be blooming through the snow on the branches.

    Linda, glad you had a good trip. I laughed at the grandma sleeping after a drink. I say, at that age, let them do what they want. I used to cook for Mom when she lived with me. She was a tiny little woman and I would have wine to help stimulate her appetite. Less than one glass and she would mention that she was "feeling" the wine. I miss her so much. The New Yorkers across the street brought the 96 year old grandpa down with them this year. They struggle to get him to eat and go out and walk. He fights them every inch of the way.

    They are the ones Frank, Ilona and I had dinner with last night. We went to the Ale House and had a good time. I didn't have my usual Bud Light because they don't drink. I could have but hate to be the only one. Frank and Ilona don't drink much. Grandpa stayed home and wasn't happy about it. We came back and had coffee and nibbles at Frank's and Ilona's condo. They will be gone in another week. This place will be like a ghost town. On the positive side, with so many Snowbirds gone, we can now drive with less congestion, get into restaurants and into movies.

    Me, I'd rather watch movies at home. I'm really looking forward to getting my smart TV gadget. Then, Netflix. HSN send the e-mail that they are processing the order but I haven't gotten one that the thing has shipped. I hope nothing goes wrong with the order. Can't wait to take advantage of this new electronic thingy. I'm out on the balcony and the computer is working like a champ. The guy from Comcast must have fixed the problem (knock on wood).

    The balcony is beautiful this morning. I'm out here by myself (unusual). The wind chime is chiming in the tree. Weather is cool and dry. I'm enjoying it while I can. We are supposed to have beautiful weather all week but no rain and we need it. It will come in due time. Days like this is why I live here. I'm drinking it in and thriving on it.

    I'm now off all meds except my Klonopin until Fri. because of the injection on Wed. I do better than I used to off my meds. Thank God I can take acetaminophen because I'm hurting today from that fall off the stool. It wasn't far to fall but it seems to have strained my body from the waist down. We rode in a van last night and the step down was too much for my knees and I restrained one of them. When we got home, the two men helped me down--such gentlemen!

    Well, gang, I'm going to go check out the other boards. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    I just managed to download a book from our library to my Kindle. This entailed hooking my Kindle up to my new router. Success! I've had so much trouble lately that I almost hate to try anything. This went so smoothly I can't believe it. Technology is great when it works.

    Love, Mikie
  4. spacee

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    Is cool and breezy. Just like Spring is suppose to be but showing up kinda
    late. Enjoying it!!

    Mikie, I sent some of the Sig Club A cream to Twin to try. She said she loves
    it. Trying things on the Q had been a hobby of hers. Guess she will be over
    at HSN more!:)

    I need to call Customer Service about my cell phone. I hope they understand
    that it just doesn't 'keep' a call. Drops it, I guess. Even when there are enough
    bars to support it. I should have checked the ratings before I bought. 3 stars.
    Not good. I had had such good experience with Samsung before. It's a Soltice2
    and the Galaxy is better.

    I don't really talk on the phone except like the move and weddings (coming up)
    and things like that. Texting is about it. Hoping the Cust. Service is

    Congrats on getting the computer working, Mikie!

    Another thing about the trip. The son's are not liking having their father
    follow them. When this son pulled in for gas and was pulling a Uhaul. And we
    in the car behind were no where to be seen, he texted his brothers "dad is officially slower than a uhaul".

    Later kids,

  5. bct

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    Mikie is our official technophile so I must confess to being our official technophobe. Some folks are phobic about spiders, snakes etc. Not me. For me it is a machine, especially an IT machine. Cell phones? HA! We don't get reception here in the holler in the hills! Lots of folk around here don't get it. As for internet, phone lines here are as slow as treacle, so everone has either satellite or beamed wireless. We can only get satellite, which is pretty good.

    Enough of technology. Just let me tell you that it took the two of us 15 mins. the other day to change a lightbulb! Enough said.

    Leah, yes I grow some Oxalis, about five kinds. In the woods blooming right now is O. oregona, the native redwood sorrel, with big pink flowers and marbled leaves, and it is prettier then the ones I grow. But I do like them all. What kind are you growing?

    Linda, you cracked me up with the comments about your trip, u-haul, son's comments. Sounds like a good trip!

    Gotta get off this machine now, I'm convinced it's makinf me dizzzy.
    Later with Love,
    With Luck,
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think we have all had our problems with technology. Internet service is still blinking off now and then. Oy!

    Linda, I used to say, "Slower than molasses. Now, I can say, "Slower than a U-Haul." Too funny. Glad your sis liked the cream. That and Retinol are what the skin docs recommend. The vitamin C capsules are great. I also love the platinum caps. There is a marked diff in my skin. I watch both channels. Saw Jay King today. I get ideas for making jewelry from his shows.

    Barry, the flowers sound lovely. I do miss the kinds of flowers you can grow above Zone 10. We have a different kind of beauty down here but it doesn't compare to spring everywhere else. I miss the spring bulbs I used to grow and the Lilacs. I had old fashioned Four O'Clocks and Day Lilies. Also rock gardens with Creeping Phlox in all different colors.

    Yes, it is exactly like a CO spring day today-brisk, cool winds; sunny; and dry. We now have enough water in our little pond out back to run the fountain again. The sun shines on it and it produces dancing rainbows which look like more colorful Northern Lights only on the water. The colors are a bit different from a rainbow in the sky. The water rainbow is turquoise, lavender and orange.

    I picked up my contacts but forgot my library book even though I was driving right by the library. One benefit of loading library books on the Kindle is not having to physically take them back. Drawback is that you only have two weeks to read the books. I mailed back an extra head for my steam mop to HSN and stopped at the old Publix where I used to work. Saw some friends there.

    When I came home, I decided to do my card forecast and it is exciting. A lot centers on healing at the cellular level. How appropriate! Also, spiritual growth. The cards never lie.

    It was a lovely and productive day. I'm hoping everyone is having such a day.

    Love, Mikie
  7. spacee

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    We are so different and each adds their interests....makes it so lovely.

    So sorry the outer makes you dizzy, Barry. That would certainly not encourage
    being on it. Your place/area sounds incredible. Just saw some pics of the
    out west. So Beautiful. So different than anything I have seen.

    Just as well to be without cell phones. I spent 2 hours on the phone, speaking
    to 4 different ppl. One with Radio Shack that sold me the phone and 3 with
    AT&T. They are shipping me a new phone. If it's the same kind, I don't think
    it is going to work. Other pp.'s phones work here so, it's not the "tall buildings
    that we don't even live near, nor is the electric power grids that we don't live
    near either. How many times can you explain that you are practically surrounded
    by orange groves on one of the highest points in Florida?

    Got another big batch of our mail that is being forward to Alabama....still.

    Enough of that. There is a washrag sold at the store made by Libman. It is
    suppose to improve up to 20 times washed in the washing machine. I
    hope it does. Does everyone have the new fangled washing machines?
    There are selling less and less of the regular powdered detergent at our
    store. I'm not ready to move to 'new'.

    Another thing I learned on the trip. I already knew I only needed a bath
    twice a week. There I learned I could wear the same clothes 3 days in
    a row. Extremely handy. No decisions, less laundry. Love it. (Suitcase
    wasn't where I was most of the time). I think I mentioned this.

    Going to the library to get children's books. Gkids are requesting new ones
    to be read when skyping.

    Another week and 8 relatives will be here. Won't that be fun (she said un-
    enthusiatsically) Leah...that had a LOT of syllables!! But wasn't spelled correctly!

    Thinking of all you kids, Love you so much,

  8. rockgor

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    Oxtail soup. Had some for breakfast courtesy of Chef Gordon. Of course
    we all know oxtail isn't made from oxen any more than alligator pears and
    pineapples are made from etc.

    Official results: Dad is slower than a U Haul. Make a nice bumper sticker.

    Just think. Over a 100 lounge threads. Seems like only yesterday that we
    rode the range together,...but I know that you remember when you were a
    saddle pal to Hoppy, Gene and Me.

    We all owe a great deal to Linda, our founder, and Roy Rogers aka the
    King of the Cowboys aka Leonard Slye.

    Mikie, next time you're in LA, drop by. I need somebody to whip this ornery
    computer into shape. AT&T couldn't do it. They were here 6 times! Yes,
    you are right. Technology is wonderful when it works. When it doesn't,
    the Mixmaster freezes up, the toilet won't flush, and the plane flies into
    a mountain. Uff-da!

    We had 4 o'clocks at previous locations. My mother had them in her garden.
    At the end of the afternoon the sphinx months would gather to sip the nectar.
    They were a sorta slow hummingbird.

    Barry, did you see my post on Gordon and me changing a lightbulb? Can't
    remember where I posted it. It took us about as long as you and Richard
    plus a trip to the store to buy the right sized bulb. If everyone in the world
    were like me, there would be no bridges, cars, yoyos, or buildings over one story.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling dizzy. When I was in high school I had some
    inner ear thing that made me dizzy. I wrote a note the the principal.
    "Please excuse Rock's absence as he has been dizzier than usual."
    My mother signed it.

    Lila, drop by when you feel up to it. I never see lilacs here in CA, but we had
    one back in MN. A huge bush; was spectacular when in bloom.

    Might go to the library today. And I have to write a check to pay a bill. Been
    meaning to do that for a week now. Two or three chores a day are about
    all I can manage anymore. Be nice if we could have just one youthful day
    again before we leave.


    Hey! What's up? Had to sign in today. Haven't done that for a week or so.
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda and Rock, seems the only common denominator you both have is AT&T. Hmmmm. While my computer is up and running much better, the internet service is still cutting out. It has to be Comcast's cable outside. I'll call them in a few days. They are monitoring it for a week.

    I woke up sick--headache and acidy stomach. I finally took some acetaminophen, which is allowed, and one allergy pill, which isn't allowed. I figure it only blocks receptors for six hours so shouldn't be a probalem when I get my shot tomorrow. Or, I could call and get it put off til Fri. What to do? All my teeth hurt and I know this is a sinus attack.

    I didn't go to the condo mtg. this morning and I'm still in my jammies. Hate this. Whine, whine, whine! Hope everyone is doing better than I.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jole posted?Love it when people pop back in when they've been gone.I haven't read any posts for awhile but that just caught my eye.Got home today around dinner time.The trip was exhausting,overwhelming,wonderful,boring exciting all the things that trips tend to be.I held up better then I could have imagined.
    I'll catch up in the next couple days.I have a ton of laundry.Love to all of you.

  11. spacee

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    Rock and I have more in common than At&T. We had our mothers :). Rock
    and I know what that means.

    But at least your mother signed your sick note (dizzier than usual). I just
    signed my mother's name for her.

    Glad you had a exhausting, overwhelming, wonderful, boring, exciting
    trip. Which part of Florida did you like best? And, the weather. What
    did you think. This week is the spring we missed. But will be back to the
    80's soon.

    I guess it is the yoga that exhausts me. I have missed two classes now
    because of the trip. It's an easy yoga too. I won't stop it. Just go back
    to lying on the sofa a lot.

    We have a problem in Lake Wales. At one of the schools the food is so
    bad, the kids who qualify for free lunches are bringing their own lunch
    from home. That's gotta be some kind of bad food. I'm sure it is made
    somewhere else and brought in and reheated.

    Our little mall is losing Sears. I think Penny's outsmarted them. Can't
    figure out how since Sears sells so many tools. And Penny's doesn't.
    There is a rumor that we are getting a Target. There was a rumor that
    we were getting a Best Buy but something fell through. They cleared
    the land a couple of years ago, then stopped. That was the end. Maybe
    Target is going there.

    Another week, another man having his prostate biopsied. Which reminds
    me. It was a year ago that huz started on antibiotics that he is still on.
    The young doc said at the 1st appt, the longest he had had a patient on
    them was 10 months. Huz has broken the record. I think he is feeling
    a bit better.

    That was funny about the light bulb. Don't you think they have invented
    so many kinds that it is mind boggling?

    Huz received the blue and white seersucker suit for the wedding. Now
    it has to be altered. It's a beautiful suit but really thin. I mean, don't
    go wearing your black undies with it!! Or even a shirt that's not white.
    Ok, OR, keep the jacket on at all times. Should be an interesting point
    to notice at the wedding :) Who keeps their jacket on and who takes it off.

    It's official. We got our 'Welcome to the neighborhood' packet from the
    USPostal Service. We have moved from Vestavia, Al to here. There were
    a lot of coupons in it too. Like two free phones from At&T. Small print
    with 2 year contract required.

    At&T knocked $20 off our monthly bill. Why? Cause they noticed that
    we have 13,000 (yes!) roll over minutes accumulated. Clearly, we are
    not cell phone talkers. Texters, yes, but not talkers.

    Ok, my dear ones....and thank you Rock, for the thank you :)
    Hope you all get a good nites sleep!

    Leah hope you are ok. I know you feel bad and yet are so cheery. Love
    you for being so brave.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, glad you're home. Anxious to hear about your trip.

    Linda, I didn't make myself clear; I meant that what you have in common with your electronic problems seems to be AT&T. I'm not big on cell phone calling nor texting and that's why I have a TracPhone. Instead of $75 a month with Verizon, I now spend $12 to $16 a month. No contract. All I do is buy minutes and they cost me about 6 cents a min. A text uses 1/3 of a min. TracPhone uses Verizon so I still have the good service.

    I am missing my sixth injection today and my bloodwork. I got sick with this crud yesterday and it persists today. Woke with headache from hell and went back to sleep with an icepack on my head after taking acetaminophen. May miss lunch with a friend if I'm not better tomorrow. My stomach is a bit acidy. Mouth is moist but have terrible taste sensation, like I ate roadkill. AACK!

    Jole, Barry, Rock, Lilac and Leah (hope I didn't miss anyone) hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Ok I did a marathon couple of hrs. worth of reading posts to catch up.Mice,kitties,falls,AT&T,shopping,flowers,cleaning,baking you all were busy!

    I still have a couple loads of laundry to do but it can wait.My BIL forgot his password to allow me internet access and this has me worried for when we go there in the RV this Fall.What will I do?

    We interviewed a few contractors and the visits lasted 5 and 7 hrs. due to my DH asking so many questions and inspecting so many model homes right down to the wiring.I was so exhausted I collapsed at sisters house.Sis was so mad at my huz for doing that to me but it happened again the next day.He couldn't help himself.He needs all this information and forgets time or even food.

    I understood but felt so abandoned that he put my health at risk like that.The cruise did allow me to regroup and I did talk it out with huz.GD was a delight but even she was asking to go home after 4days.Her routine was thrown off.SIL and DD along with GD got sick a couple of days with vomiting.Not seasick.I was so scared but I escaped the virus.

    I gained 5lbs. everyone!It was time to eat every time I turned around.Every one of us gained 5lbs. even the ones who got sick.I don't want to cruise again it's just to much.

    So we picked a contractor and met with them again,only an hr. this time.The company we chose were the down to earth people I insisted on over the very pricey fast talkers we wouldn't want to pay that much money for.Huz wanted them and got mad when I said we couldn't afford them.It seems saying we wouldn't want to spend that much money was less offensive to him.I didn't know that.Anyway in the end the down to earth people came up with the plans to the house that was in our budget and matched all the requirements huz wanted.DH was blown away and told me I was right.I had to smack him on the back to get the words completely out but he said it.

    I'm so glad to be home again and not living out of a suitcase at this house and that house.My bed!So glad to be in my bed.We were so busy we didn't get the time to drive around but I'm very excited the process has started and retiring to Florida is the right choice for us.Huz has done a turnaround and has adjusted to the thought of leaving and retiring down South.He's very excited as I figured he would be.

    Missed you all and so missed not being able to have your support when times got so overwhelming for me.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam's Huz is fine with moving to Florida! Hurray!! BIL can't remember his
    password. Can he 'reset' it? So glad you are back...even though our 'Sunshine
    Girl' Leah, has already welcomed you :)

    Oh, you are right, Mikie about the tracfone. The problem in our area is
    the reception. It's scary cause such a mistake can be made so easily. I thought
    the problem had been solved until this phone. But then my hair dresser
    said that she has to go outside to make a call too! But I do think a tracfone
    and a tablet would be the better senerio. (notice the syllables, Leah:)

    Congrats on the alb Weight gain! And the being able to regroup...that was
    much needed!

    Was it in the 30's in your area last nite, Mikie. We listen to the Tampa News
    and the weatherman said some parts over there were that low. Maybe
    that was our 'winter'.

    SOOOO Glad your computer is up and running again, Leah. Power outages!
    Yikes! What do you do to stay warm? More blankets? Do you have
    natural gas?

    I need to have the bumper stickers about Huz's driving ready for holiday
    gifts :) They wouldn't put them on their cars but they would get a laugh.

    Group Hugs...we are all here safe and somewhat sound.

    On, that reminds. No shot this week, Mikie. Not good at all. Hope you are
    better soon.


  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, that sounds horrible, being without power. I'm glad you're back. The longest we were without power here was after Hurricane Charley and that was only about 36 hrs. We lost power when I lived in Denver in the winter. I stoked up the fireplace and covered up with a comforter in front of it. The cat curled up next to me and slept. There was enough light to read. When the power came back on, we were both a bit disappointed but that was only a few hrs. Well, we do have a couple of rules: no politics, no religion and we must treat others with respect. Not only do I respect all of you; I love you all. Thanks for your support. The spill off the stool wasn't bad but I don't know what to do for this bug. It's not going away. At least, I know that Tues. is the earliest I'll be getting my shot so I can go ahead and take meds to help me feel more comfortable.

    Pam, I'm so thrilled that Huz likes the idea of moving to FL. I'm also glad you found a builder you both like. Just a caveat--check out anyone you plan to have work for you. FL is infamous for crooks. I'm sure you know this, but don't pay them all up front and check to be sure the builder is paying the subcontractors. Our state motto should be: "Buyer Beware!" I'm sorry everyone else got sick on the cruise. I feel lousy now and can't believe how bad I'd feel if I were on a ship. AACK! It's good to have you back. You are so right; it's always good to come home to your own bed. Do you have a completion date for your new home?

    Linda, those phone problems sound horrible. Everyone down here in the hood who has Sprint has to go outside to make cell calls. It's rediculous. Sprint says it's because Verizon has a tower over in the park across the street. It's good for us on Verizon. I'm excited that my new RCA media streamer is up and running. For once, everything went smoothly. I think the new gadgets which use wi-fi are getting easier to install. Thank God! I watched a NetFlix movie last evening. Yes, it was cold down here but not down into the 30's. This bug I have is kinda like a cold but like allergies too. It's a fairly mild case (knocking on wood) but it just doesn't go away. I have headache from hell, muscle pain and an upset stomach. I have to shower today as I can't stand myself any longer. I know how Leah feels about being able to shower when we don't feel up to it.

    I'm supposed to go to lunch with the ladies of the hood but won't feel up to it and don't want to expose them. One next door is being a pain again. I swear there is always something going on like junior high school. We need more activities than just shopping and eating out. We need something to stimulate our minds. I really think that as we age, if we don't stimulate our minds, we regress to playing mind games of an uglier variety. Being inside sick is almost a blessing in some ways. I've suggested that everyone make a list of places to go and things to do for next season. It's our "Pail List" because it's not as big as a "Bucket List."

    A crew came out yesterday and put a lock box on the foreclosed unit in our bldg. That means the bank now owns it and the foreclosure is complete. Whether the bank decides to put it on the market is another matter. It's a small S&L in Ohio and they do have a list on their website for foreclosed property. I'm hoping they get this one on the list and sold soon. There is a lot of interest in our hood for units on the market. Things sell fast here if priced right. This is a really good time to buy here because the market has bottomed out and prices are on the way back up.

    Sending my best to everyone and looking forward to hearing from Barry, Rock and Lilac. Did I forget anyone? My brain isn't firing on all cylinders this morning.

    Love, Mikie

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sorry your injection had to be postponed Mikie.Hope you get better soon.My allergies kicked in before we left Fl. last day of cruise it rained and that was the start of coughing and congestion ever since.

    We are hoping to break ground in Oct.This company we chose seems pretty up front.We asked a lot of questions like how many houses did you build last yr. and how long of a relationship have you had with your current subcontractors trying to get a feel for stability.So many lost their subs or went out of business over the last 5yrs.

    DS has found a house they are thinking of putting a bid on tomorrow.It's just a start of a long process.That would be great for us.The quicker we can get the house clear of his stuff and odd jobs done the quicker we can put it on the market.No idea how long it will be before it sells.One step at a time.

    Going to try and take it easier today.Nieces want us to meet them at 8 tonight in a neighboring town.They live in other States and are in visiting.That's way to late for me so we'll see how it goes.

    I'm finishing a third book I downloaded on Kindle.I kind of like it.I don't know about the library 2wks. to read a book might be to short a time for me.

    Hope everybody is doing good.My mind is a blank right now

  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Freida I hope to come up with a solution to BIL password dilemma.The big dummy,there I said it.I can use their computer I suppose but I'm trying to stay as separate as possible to give us both privacy so I'll need to work that out.

    I know what you're talking about as far as answering questions.I dread talking to people because I just draw blanks to simple questions and I freeze up in confusion.Huz asked me a simple subtraction question while making a point yesterday and he may as well have been speaking Greek.I told him I didn't know the answer or even how to process the question so be fair.GP has guessed CFS before but Rheumy just shrugs.

    Last night instead of meeting up for drinks at 8 with neices we went to SIL's house early and saw them and visited with family.The girls are here because BIL went into renal failure and is in bad shape.It meant a lot to him to have us visit.SIL said he's been angry and nasty but last night he was laughing and it took his mind off his health.Good visit.

    Still in jammies this morning trying to convince myself a shower is a good idea if I want to get off the couch.

  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I think we all get it or have it. Mine is worse in the morning, ditto feeling down. Sometimes have to take an herbal supplement -- wink wink, nudge, nudge -- for the latter but it doesn't help with the former. Neither does Provigil!

    Just came in from pulling another dead mouse from under the car seat; there seems to be a real explosion of them every year about this time. I say to Richard "let's get more cats!" but he always naysays that idea. I think it is a purrfect solution, but don't feel like nagging him about it. Sometime they just kinda show up, don't they, if you know what I mean!?

    Mikie, I haven't been to Colo., but know that Denver Bot. Gardens has world-class and now famous rock-gardens. I used to be in a couple of rock-garden societies. I have tried the creeping phlox here, but failed. The small bulbs do well for me though, as do many other small plants.

    The last of the tulips went yesterday, but two kinds of daffodil, including pink "Easter Bonnet" are in full bloom. The apple trees are all in bloom, ditto crab-apple, more camellias, Japanese cherry Mt. Fuji, and on and on. I'm a bit overwhelmed, though I usually get in a few minutes of work in every day.

    I think I need a cup of tea now,
    See you later,
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Things are looking up. I'm not well but almost well. I'll call the doc's office on Mon. and likely get in for my injection on Tues. Just got back from a pizza party at the pool. It was a "Farewell" party for the Snowbirds who have yet to leave. I didn't stay too long as it was hot and sweaty over there. I did go out shopping this morning. I had my eye on a small metal pig on a stand at Stein Mart. Today, they had a coupon for 50 percent off on Red Dot clearance merchandise. The sign on the shelves said that the pig was a Red Dot sale item at 25 percent off. It was marked at $14.99. When I got to the front to check out, it rang up at $7.49 and with my coupon, I got it for $3.74. I would have been glad to pay $14.99 for it. Such a deal! I have high ceilings in the main part of my condo and it's open concept. There is space above the cabinets. I have small antiques, baskets, etc. on top of them and everything is lit by the indirect lighting up there. I wanted the cute little pig for a space up there. He's perfect.

    Leah, I have been wearing a hoodie over my jammies but then I get too hot and then, too cold. 'Tis the nature of the virus, I guess. Hope you are doing well.

    Pam, so glad you found a good builder and checked him out. A brand new home is something to look forward to.

    Barry, I loved going to the botanical gardens on a snowy day. Brings back memories. Too bad about the Phlox. Only problem is that it takes over a rock garden and blooms spectacularly for a short time and then, it's just green.

    Linda, Lilac, and Rock, hope all is well with you. Hope I didn't forget anyone; I had a beer at the party and a drink before. Turning into a wild woman!

    Love, Mikie
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    You all have been chatting up a storm without me! :)

    Dr. Paul Cheney/cognitive (if you care to google). He thinks that a lot of illness
    have fatigue as a major symptom but the CFS's 'cognitive' is a big difference
    than most others. (not all, is my interpretation (leah 5 syl.) Cause FM has
    the Brain Fog to name one.

    But on to other topics that I hope I can remember. Huz's 'panties' are
    left by the son's when they visit. So he does have some black ones. I will
    need to remind him not to wear with seersucker. (As I said).

    If I had a place to live other than Florida, I think it would be with Barry
    and Richard! Sounds so very lovely.

    After the Hurrican Charley (and we had no power for 3 weeks), Huz's place
    of business bought a $10,000 generator. Never has been used. Until....Tax
    Season. The day before the last day (16th), the power went out for two
    hours! Gasp! But things went on with the generator.

    Funny thing though. Keep in mind this is a small town. The accounting firm
    has been in business 70 years. They also have a deposit with the City
    of LW's water dept. So, the office manager (the wife of the managing
    partner) in an attempt to streamline and pay one line.....Started with May
    and forgot all about April's payment. Yep, they turned the water off.
    30 ppl work there. It wasn't pretty.

    I think I have caught up on my sleeping the last couple of days. Which is
    good since we have to drive to Lakeland for an errand tomorrow.Big
    day out! Well, not a whole day. An afternoon.

    Was talking with Kentucky son on the new phone while in the Y's parking
    lot which gets 3 bars. The new phone dropped the call twice. But I am
    over trying to do something about it. Cause I think what ever I do, would
    cost a lot of money. Son was quite surprised the call dropped twice.

    Mikie, everybody in your hood should have Verizon! That's a no brainer.

    BIL in renal failure! Oh dear. What can they do for that? predisone?

    And I think things to challenge the brain at Mikie's hood is a great idea.
    The pail! haha. cute!

    Feel like sleeping despite by 2 hour nap.
    So Nite all!


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