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    Well, now I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I have now been dx with severe fibro along with the cfs. Rheumy could not believe I had been turned down for disability either, he told me to start the refiling process right away. I guess I have known for a while I had this, it was just getting the docs to agree and dx me and put it in my chart. Read a good book tonite from a neighbor who also has fm (I believe it was Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain) and was enlightened a bit more. (But in my opinion, this board has helped me the most!!). Saw the dr on Tuesday and am still hurting soooo bad. It is about the worst its ever been with him poking and pushing everywhere to make sure. He also changed my meds from demerol to Neuronton and something else that I cant remember right now - what else is new! And he said that the pain I have been having in my tailbone is a deformity I was born with (and never had any trouble with before) and that the fms in my lower back is causing the lower back to spasm and the pain is radiating down to the tailbone. So now 2 questions answered - FINALLY! So, I guess I will be here more often now that I feel like I officially belong! lol Gentle hugs and best wishes to all!
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    I'm sorry about your diagnosis, but I can tell you that having a supportive, knowledgeable doctor is hurdle number one, and learning everything you can (this board, books like the one you borrowed) is hurdle number two---and you are successfully "jumping" those!! I haven't, but many folks here have been through the disability process (filing & re-filing) so I think you'll find lots of support & help along the way with that--don't hesitate to ask. I'm hoping your definitive dx, treatment plan and new meds put you on the way to feeling better soon---glad you are here!

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    Glad you will be spending more time with us. You are definitely in the right place to get support and advice. I think the board is the best source of info I have found yet, and I've read a lot of books and done a lot of research.

    Officially welcome, Lisa
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    We have names for the demons possessing us, huh?? I hope it helps you with your disability claim. I'm going through the same thing right now and I sure do understand how you feel. I understand everything!!!
    Good luck in the refiling and I, too, know how good it feels to have a doctor who cares and believes what you're saying.
    Keep in touch! It *does* help, doesn't it??
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    I knew I would remember what the other med was sooner or later! lol - usually tho it is much later when I remember! Rheumy also put me on Trazadone along with the Neurontin. Im going to do some searching on here and see what I can find out about these meds, I know I've seen posts about them here before. Funny how you can find out more in this dd with a support group than you can with your regular drs. Luckily, I was sent to a Rheumy who knew his stuff. For once I didnt have to tell him what was wrong with me. Am still quite sore today from all the poking - I guess this is what is called a flare??? Pardon my questions please. I know it must get quite repetitive to see the same questions over and over on here every time someone new arrives. But, Im a learning! (Somedays slower than others cause I forget what I was reading!). Thanks everyone. BEst wishes and gentle hugs to all! ~~
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    Sorry ---for the dx---but know from my own experience there is a great need in the validation.
    Glad to hear you have come across a great, Doc. That makes such a big difference--to have an advocate, and the icing on the cake--a treatment plan.
    Don't be afraid of asking repetitive questions----heck, I am so foggy sometimes I may answer them twice :)
    Best wishes--and look forward to hearing more from you.
    Hey--I have played Literati online with an emttoni--are you by any chance the same person?[This Message was Edited on 12/19/2002]
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    Nope - it wasnt me you were playing with! lol