Now that I am out of work / how do I find fulfillment?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 00a7370, Apr 5, 2007.

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    I have worked since I was thirteen, which was forty years ago. Boy, I'm getting old.

    My dilema is this: I got my self-esteem from work all these years. Now what?

    Because of my physical limitations, I'm very limited in what I can do. In addition to that, I have a worker's comp claim because I fell in the parking lot at work and it brought on my fibro full on. So, I understand that there are private detectives that follow you around to see if you are faking. As you all know, we can have one good day and do a lot and then have to recover for several days after. It's unpredictable. But one thing for sure is, I can't work anymore. I can't sleep and I'm in pain and I can't function.

    So, I'm worried that if I have a good day and want to go out there and do something fun, that someone is spying on me and taking pictures.

    Am I paranoid?

    How do I find meaning and self worth in my life now?
  2. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    I love to draw and paint and do scrapbooking but I hurt my right shoulder in the fall and have carpal tunnel in my right arm. Even reading books is hard to hold up book.

    I am going to try and do a little of it if I can. I don't think I can take a class because, they will say "if she can sit in a class, she can sit at a desk."

    I have voice activated software for my computer and am thinking about taking a shot on writing a novel.

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