now that the ssd hearing is over

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  1. hurt_allover

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    I finally had my hearing sept more waiting..OMG!!!
    I am really beat down from waiting. I think when this is all over I will have a complex with waiting. LOL

    so, now I am in the process of waiting for my decission from the ALJ..a simple yes or no..for me this is the worst wait! My lawyer told me that since the judge didnt want to hear from the VE that it was a good sign that I won..but I would have to WAIT for 4 to 6 weeks longer for the decission to come in the mail..who else besides me post watch at the window with their face plaster against the pane "looking for the mailman"? and praying he at least stops at the mail box?
    This whole process is certainly cruel and unusual mental torture! I didnt think about it before until now and my thought was omg what if the "mailman seen me at the window looking all crazy? but, on the bright side it would be comical in a scary way right? now I am scaring myself. (incert hysterical laughter here)

    can someone please tell me really how long until you get the letter with the decission from the judge in the mail? has anyone had to wait longer than 2 months?
    yes, I know its only been 3 weeks since the hearing but I keep checking the mail every single day "just in case" it comes early.

    also, what day in the week would the letter come on? like would it be a monday or a saturday? or could it come on eny day of the week?

    I think when the is over I just might lodge a complaint with ssa that before I filed for ssd I do believe (even with brain fog, memory loss, constant state of confusion etc..)I had at least a half of brain leff thank you very much for makeing me loose the other half and driving me completly insane.


  2. jenn_c

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    But I want to thank you for your sense of humor. My baby girl ( she is 16)has been sick ( maybe endometriosis) for almost 3 weeks and I am stressed to say the least. I fortunately was approved on my first app for ssdi. But I do remember hearing the postman's car coming down my street. It could be raining and thereI was in my pj's and slippers at the mailbox ready to lurch.

    Think of it this way, it has been 3 weeks, you're halfway there. Plan for the longest time, 6 weeks, and even if it comes 5 weeks and 6 days, that t is atleast 1 day early. HOORAY!!! Good Luck.
  3. kitteejo

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    Hang in there, your attorney said it went well, so it must have.

    I went and filed myself on Monday of this week and they gave me a site to go to with a passcode so I can follow my case on line. I'll bet your attorney has that code and he can watch on line. Maybe he could share the code with you so that you can see where your at. That could help relieve your stress of waiting for the mail.

    I totally can relate with the waiting for the mail everyday. I've got someother issues going on and wait and wait for my maillady to come everyday. I love when I have out going mail and can watch for the flag to go down in case I missed her driving by.

    Your so lucky that your at this point in your case, your so close to the finish line. Alot of us are at the start line.

    Will say a prayer for you that it shows up today!!!


  4. pattyholland

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    Hi,The judge didnt ask the VE nothing either. My lawyer said that he knew I couldnt do any kind of work.

    So I would say you probably won.

    It took 6 weeks for me to get the letter.

    Now I am playing the waiting game, for my checks and backpay.

    I know everyone says well atleast you was approved, but every day I wait I keep getting more and more behind on my house payment and truck payment.

    Some people have to wiat up to 60 days..and some other ones are lucky to have it sooner.

    not sure what day it came on, I think if you check my profile you can see my post about getting the letter.

    Good Luck

    We are here for you, And know just how you are feeling.


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  5. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    Jenn! you also have a since of humor I see..hehe ty too!
    I have not stood by the mail box YET..not saying I wont before its done tho. Ty so much for your support.

    Caledonia, I sure hope your right..that would be great..just cut out the middle man and get to the point! cause I just know after the letter there is yet more waiting..I truly feel bad for hootie1, and Patty for what they are being put through. ty for your up lifting and suportive post.

    Kittyjo, yes I know about the pw thingy that they give you to check your claim status on line. I recieved mine when I first applied online. My oppenion on that is it dont tell you nothing..just no dession has been made as of todays date..any new information will be sent to you via us mail. thats it..mine is hung up on of todays date the office of a something or other has not made a dession as to a date for your requested hearing apeal. notice will be sent via us mail.
    ty so much for your ideal tho and your support..ty!

    Patty, I have been trying to read all your have a cyber fan here cheering you on~ also hootie..and bluesky. my prayers are with you and I know what you mean about getting parinoid about every reciving your approval. If you think about it it seems that we are wishing our lives away waiting just sucks!!! and it seems like some big nobody has their thumb on our heads draining the last of what life we have from us. gosh sorry..that was depressing..anyway, please keep your chin up and heres a hug and a knowing nod from somebody else on the pony ride.
    oh, and the bills? done that an lost everything vehicals my house which was a rental all my precious things from family from over the years. I got to the point that all bills were filed under t for trash emediately..and come what may..I had no choise..I was house bound and if anyone came to see me or called it was a bill collector so I would not answer the phone nor answer the door..anyway finally sold everything I owned for 800 dollars rented a small truck and moved to another state with the clothes on my back and my pets. it was actually my home state and within 2 months of being here I now own my on land in the country and mobile home for a grand total of less than 2,000 dollars.. I am living proff that prayer does work and the lord is watching over us all..he does provide so dont worry when you put it in gods hands he will put it in yours.
    I am so week minded that I have to keep reminding my self of this fact. LOL psss..I ask for forgiveness ALOT.
  6. kitteejo

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    Oh bummer,I was counting on that Web site to keep me sane. I'll be at the window than watching for my mail lady. To bad your not on my street, I'd wave at you.

    You need some sort of distraction or your going to end up in la la land. Try to find some kind of project to occupy your mind.

    I think a lot of us have become very good communicators, perhaps we could write a novel or some type of book.

    Like I said before, hang in there, at least your near the end of your long journey. I envy you.

    Let us know when you get it.

  7. Engel

    Engel New Member

    Best wishes! How long did it take from inital SSDI application to ALJ hearing?

    Hopefully your letter and check will arrive very soon!
  8. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    oh kitty I used to have I cant afford to have one. I made homemade soap, inside houses. and that is just a couple of them. I did manage to make some homemade peanutbutter cookies I am trying to not think about it. LOL

    engle, let me see; I filed in july of 06 hearing was sept 08. wrote congressman, and also filed for dire need back in jan of 08. This helps some folks but done nothing for me it never hurts to try that also. I do want to mention that I got a very pretty letter from our senator from the last state I lived in saying he would help me with my situation. Like I said tho it was a pretty letter. LOL