Now the car not starting is my fault.. geeze

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darvick, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. darvick

    darvick New Member

    Hi all,
    sorry for being a whinner but, omg!!!! My spouse has been great, understanding etc.. BUt i went to the store with the new truck and when I came out it wouldnt start. Said I must have left something on before. I know I didnt. There is a switch that has to be turned off but it was off, so im at a loss. Spouse is great until i screw up which is a lot, not remembering etc. I now feel so bad because I blew up. I am hoping it is the altenator cause if it is the battery It has to be my fault. I used to be sooooo sharp. My spouse has been working their ass off because im waiting for disability,,, 2 yrs and now have to wait till september not july like they told me. I think stress is going to kill me if my spouse doesn't ... any suggestions for a dip wad???
  2. ktjo

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    Hi Dar..

    If it's a new truck - take it back and let the dealer
    take care of it.

    It could be anything - even something as simple as a
    loose wire or overheating ie vapor lock. However, if it's
    the latter, you'd have it up and running by now.

    And if it *is* the battery, it's possible you left the lights on while you were shopping. Not a major cause for upset - boost it and put a little note in the vehicle, somewhere where you'll be sure to see it - reminding yourself to check the lights before you get out of the car/truck.

    In any event, your spouse probably feels just as badly
    about popping off as you do hearing and worrying about it.

    Mine is a hero. He runs a large concern during the day (and often weekends) and when he comes home, he makes
    dinner, cleans up and well..he does everything. He
    loves me and he knows this situation is not my choice, but
    sometimes, when the days have been particularly frustrating, he pops off at me. I get my Irish up and
    pop right back - terrific..:(

    Writing notes to yourself and putting them where you know you'll see them when needed is a simple and effective way
    of dealing with memory problems.

    If you lost a limb, you'd wear a prosthetic. We wear glasses/contacts because of vision trouble and millions
    wear false teeth because their original ones are gone and they like to eat.

    Think of the notes as your own personal prosthetic!

    And good luck with the truck!


  3. darvick

    darvick New Member

    Dealer said : Turns out the battery was not a good one put in, so even if I left something on or not it would have happened anyway. I just got my dander up and apologized. Sometimes ya just want to scream. I do try so hard sometimes , My spouse is great tho, I take care of the house and they work but i guess i take things wrong when I get stressed out.If you could see the notes and stuff i leave for mysel lol

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