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    Lets see if I can get this all down for posterity. I have a knack for making up new recipes and a need to use up some of the avalanche of fresh tomatoes from our garden. I'm a meat eater, but I do like vegetarian sometimes. I made a spicey Shepherd's Pie earlier, yum.

    {doesn't have a name yet}

    about 10 fresh tomatoes, diced*
    fresh green beans, chopped*
    lightly precooked chickpeas and navy beans
    jalapeno (don't know if I overdid, I put half)
    1/2 tsp. tarragon
    course black pepper from pepper mill
    tsp. sea salt
    1 and half onion
    3 cloves garlic
    2 bayleafs
    small thump of fresh ginger root
    few stalks celery w/ leaf
    2 small red peppers*
    small tin tomatoe paste
    half cup water

    * from our garden
    {I used only a handful of green beens, a cup of chickpeas I had frozen, and about 4 cups navy. I wish I had some black beans, it would have been even more attractive. I'm big on presentation and mixing the right colours, if it looks bland it probably tastes bland.

    It will be ready in the morning. I'll let you know.


    Edit: about using half jalapeno, a taste says I should have used 1/4 instead of half, Ron will be in heaven. I'll add more celery and tomato to tone it down, parsley tones spicey or too salty down too.
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    I love new recipes, keep um comming

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    I can at least live vicariously. I never did get the mushroom allergy back, or vinegar, though I can have a bit now and then. This was one of my favourite creations, and quick and easy to whip up after work.

    Mushroom Beef Stroganoff

    olive oil
    beef sliced thin against the grain*
    fresh sliced mushrooms
    can Campbells Mushroom soup**
    1 onion long thin slices
    dab of Kitchen Bouquet (dark flavour enhancer, or Worsteshire)
    dollop of sour cream (when ready to serve)

    broad egg noodles, boiled al dente
    butter or non-hydrogenated marg. (Becel)

    In a shallow skillet add oil and sear beef quickly on high heat. Remove beef from pan, aside till later (it will more tender). Put heat at medium and sear onion, then mushrooms, then add can of mushroom soup, don't add water. Stir well, add Kitchen Bouquet, the colour will tell you how much, you just want to richen it, add beef back, cover and simmer until veggies are tender.

    Boil noodles al dente, drain and add butter and parsley.

    Stir in sour cream to sauce just before pouring sauce over bed of noodles.

    *I'd use steak, stew meat, whatever I had, borgineau is a splurge, but if you slice it right, it will be tender anyway.

    ** has MSG, ack, but that's how I made it back then, Campbells was the richest, I'd recommend a non MSG brand


    Hot damn is my mouth every watering. I miss this recipe the most, everything else I can leave out mushrooms, but you can't w/ this one.

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    Oh my stars!! Those recipes sound fantastic. I can't wait to try them. I don't have a garden so I'll do what I can to get the fresh veggies.

    Thanks for sharing these!

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    Turned out marvelous. I could have did w/ 1/3 of a jalepino, but it toned down when all the flavours were well married.

    I could serve w/ roast potatoes, throw in some boiled, add rice, etc and it would be milder yet. A few hens coming tommorrow for an sleepover hen party, and we'll be having it. I had it for breakfast too. Woke me up faster than usual, heh.

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    **skinless chicken breasts - drizzled w/ lemon

    1 and a half cups of whole grain bread or cracker crumbs
    fresh ground black pepper
    sea salt
    spanish paprika
    tsp parsley
    1/2 tsp oregano

    few wedges of mandarin,or tangerine (can use orange)
    tbsp. lemon juice
    tsp fresh ginger root
    1-3 garlic cloves
    2 tbsp. melted butter or non-hydrogenated marg. for best flavour (or any coldpressed oil)

    Place chicken in a small round or square glass baking dish (depending on size of portions) and drizzle w/ lemon. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, puree wet ingredients separately first, then toss w/ dry. Evenly cover the chicken w/ it. Bake for about first 40 mins covered, then 15 or more to brown w/ cover off.

    ** breading would probably be very nice w/ any white fish too

    *Adjust ingredients to amount of meat and people served
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    Lady from my old neighbourhood gave me half dozen different fresh herbs.

    I wonder what I'll create in my labr.... err, kitchen next.