Now What Do I Do???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tinaeve, Jan 14, 2003.

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    I went to see my Rhuemy today hoping he would help me to try for ssd.No such luck.He says I am too young(44) to even try.I know I am fairly young,but what has that got to do with my pain level?? Gave me a big ole shot in front shoulder says my muscles are atrohyied from so much pain and slouching.I got a script for Bextra,Darvocet,Skelaxin and an increase for my Prozac!! Man,what alot of meds,not to mention my estrogen and progestran.Guess I can just pray that this will help before I lose my job anyway.Sorry,feeling pretty let down.
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    that you are in such pain. I hope the meds will help you. I know how discouraging it is to have a Dr "put you down". I too saw a Dr a few years ago asking about disability, and he informed me it was all in my head, and didn't give me anything except vioxx! It helped a lot at first, but after a while it didn't work anymore. Some Dr's have so little compassion you wonder what ever motivated them to become a DR!!! Kuntryhart
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    I have heard the older you are the easier it is. However, I got mine when I was 34, so don't give up......Billie
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    Ask your doctor about a prescription for physical therapy and occupational therapy. Physical therapy can help you with the muscle pain and atrophy. They can use a variety of techniques such as gentle stretching, massage, exercise, ultrasound, ice and heat treatments depending on your situation.
    Occupational therapy can help you with your work situation -perhaps you can adjust your work chair or desk to avoid slouching so much.

    To apply for SS disability your income needs to be under the level that they consider substanstial gainful activity (SGA). That is, earning under a certain dollar level-- I think it is $780 now. However, the I believe the forms are online at SSA website. Take a look at the forms and see the questions they ask you.
    When you fill out forms, consider your worst day. Explain how your illness has caused limitations. For example: When they ask if you can cook, don't put down yes if all you can manage is to put a tv dinner in the microwave.

  5. Mikie

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    Find a good atty. who specializes in SSD and ask for a referral to a good doc who will help you with your illness and help you to get SSD. Good attorneys work with docs who can help.

    Love, Mikie