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    I went to see my Rhuemy today hoping he would help me to try for ssd.No such luck.He says I am too young(44) to even try.I know I am fairly young,but what has that got to do with my pain level?? Gave me a big ole shot in front shoulder says my muscles are atrohyied from so much pain and slouching.I got a script for Bextra,Darvocet,Skelaxin and an increase for my Prozac!! Man,what alot of meds,not to mention my estrogen and progestran.Guess I can just pray that this will help before I lose my job anyway.Sorry,feeling pretty let down.
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    Age is a factor...but not the only facotr. I am 41 and applying. They take many things into consideration..job skills are one of the biggies. If you are a clerk, secretary, etc..they consider that easy, low impact work....yeah, right.
    anywho...find anohter Doc...maybe a pain specialist of good internist that treats (or even believes in fibro)
    My Ortho and my two rhumys said NO disability for the same reason yours did. I've been seeing a GP well knowledgeablein fobro....he SAId he would help me apply.
    Butm then again, I just got my first denyal simply because he did not send in my records!!
    We are in a maze that goes round and just have to keep lookin for the way out of it....

    I wish you luck..never say your sorry either!! This is what we are here for. Good lord I have poo pooed on this board many a times....LOL I have a poo poo post now...ROFL

    Warm fuzzies

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    Sorry your doctor let you down. I don't agree with your doctor. There are people younger than you who are on SSD. Maybe you should consider changing doctors. I do hope that the shot he gave you does help with your pain. Take care.
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    before applying for ssd. Find a new doctor if you need to but don't let your age discourage you from applying - I was awarded disability for cfids when I was 22 years old - I had to quit college & work at 20.
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    Hi Tinaeve, I know the problem that you are facing ,it's a big one. I don't know where some of this doctors are coming from either. When I got my devorce I wanted my x to pay my spousal support for2 years ,but my doctor wrote my laywer that I could do non phyical demanding work ,but when I ask him what that was He said he did'nt know. needless to say he was my doctor no longer. I know how hard it can be and how badly you need it . Please don't give up.try the pt. they may be able to help alot and please find a doctor that will help you. they are out there.It's sometimes a hard job just to find them .please keep us posted on your progress.many of us have been in your place.Good luck ..Danisue.
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    You know how much pain you are in and how difficult it is day to day. It doesn't matter how old you are. You really need to find a doctor that will support you in your claim. I think you really need to change doctors and build a good relationship with your new doctor before you file your claim. Social Security will base their decision on what is contained in your medical records. If your doctor is documenting that he doesn't think you are disabled then you will be denied. Try to stay optimistic though, there are good doctors out there. When you start looking for one contact your primary care physician and see who he or she would refer you to. Then find out how many Fibro patients the Rheumy has treated and if he or she is familiar with treating Fibro patients. I noticed you are taking Prozac. Did the Rheumy prescribe this for you? Or are you seeing a Psychiatrist? If you are seeing a Psychiatrist this will help your case even more, because depression in itself qualifies for disability. If you are not seeing one, or cannot afford a Psychiatrist your primary care physician can treat you for depression. Keep your primaty care physician envolved and updated in all your care. Also let your primary care physician know that you are applying for disability because of your Fibro and your depression. Social Security will obtain all of your medical records from all your doctors. Just remember the more documentation you have the better your case is. You certainly don't need a doctor saying you are too young for disability in your corner. If you have disability benefits on your job, short term and or long term, I would suggest that you use them before you lose your job. You have a legal right and are entitled to them if you have it. Most plans will only pay you 60% of your pay but that's better than nothing. You also have legal rights under the Family Medical Leave Act to take a leave of absence without pay for up to, I believe 12 weeks, without losing your job. You may also want to check with your state government to see if they have some type of disability benefits in addition to social security.
    There is alot of good information on this site under Disability and you can always find a lawyer. Believe me, they will not take your case if they don't think they have a good chance of winning it.
    By the way I'm only 40 and was 39 when I applied. Was denied the first time and I'm now waiting on an appeal decision. I'm not going to give up on my claim because I know and God knows I am really sick and I am entitled to it.
    I hired an attorney for the appeal because I just could not deal with so much paper work anymore and I needed someone on my side who knows how the "system" works.

    I hope this information helped. I know this is the place where I got alot of my information from. You certainly came to the right place for help. There are alot of people on this board with a wealth of information. Hope you get to feeling better soon too.

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    I want to thank all of you for responding to my problems.I am going to try real hard to find a good understanding Dr.I have an appt. with a psychiatrist this Fri.I can get 5 free consultations through a program at work.I know that depression is the root cause to my fibro.A year and a half ago my husband and I both lost our jobs due to the plant closing down.We had been there for 22 years! I have not been the same since.We lost or jobs,seniority,5 weeks vacation,not to mention we have a lawsuit against the owner for not even giving us our earned vacation pay or any severnce pay!All this pus menopause at 44.I believe I can qualify as a nut case! Seriously,thank you all for caring and helping to ease the burden.I hope i can return the favor someday. Tinaeve
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    Dear Tina,

    It hurts and I mean emotionally to think ANY doc will say your age is relevant in whether you can be gainfully employed or not.
    There are teenagers that have physical problems and will never be able to work - should a doc then proceed to tell them he/she would not help in receiving assistance ??? --

    Im a strict believer in having a doc that is for YOU 101% - whatever that may be. I would be firing him on the spot and letting him know why.

    What do you do ( ask him ) when your meds no longer help you to make it to work daily, what about calling off 2 or 3 times a week or having to leave after a 3 or 4 hr. day - is he willing to back you up with a letter or recommendation for shorter days or shorter weeks of work ????

    IF he comes right out and says he won't --- FIRE HIM now ! --
    YOUR criteria for a doctor should be that he supports you in meds, caregiving AND follow ups of ALL kinds and that includes when you "both" agree that working and giving your best to your employer has reached a stretching point.

    Count your blessings