NOW WHAT??? It's my heart!!

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    I have been feeling much better for the last 6 weeks. I started exercizing about 2 months ago. The first 3 weeks were HELL with the post-exersion maliase and stuff. But after really sticking to it I have noticed a BIG increase in my energy and a lot of my symptoms have gone away. I also use the Pure Synergy drink in the morning which helps with my morning fatigue. I still havent completely quit smoking. I quit for 6 weeks and started again. I wonder if it is the nicotine doing this. I started about 5 weeks ago. I have had heart palpitations off and on since I was a teenager. These are really bad sometimes. I can exercize fine for 30 minutes (aeorobics) and do my muscle toning for 25. Usually my heart flip flops once or twice during exercize, but I have started with some pains. I am very aware of my heartbeat now and I wasnt before. It almost feels cool and numb in my chest and my left shoulder hurts at times as well as under my left arm. I don't think my blood pressure is up but my heart beats faster than usual. Exercize doesnt bother me too bad but going up a flight of stares and my heart is going like a rabbit. It is weird.

    I have a doc appointment Wednesday morning. It is frusterating because I don't want to stop exercizing because I feel so much better, but I am freaked out about my heart. I wonder if it is MVP which is common in CFIDS. Has anyone else had this. I am 28 years old. I should try to quit smoking again. I am sure the nicotine does not help.

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    my heart has started racing due to extreme anxiety about paying bills, doing disability paperwork and not being able to make house payments...

    i was in the ER two times. i'm now on Atenenol to slow down my heart.

    I check the board once in a while when I have the energy. Hang in there! One day at a time.


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    You should see a Doctor about this. I had a dx of MVP back in 87, but I have seen about 5 Doctor's since then, that have not agreed if I have one or not.

    I have FMS/CMP so I suppect that Stress along with the Combo cause's some of this undeciviseness (?)

    I had an EKG today and everything looks good, no weird sounds when he listened to my Heart. But I will still have to have the Antibotic's during surgery's, no mater what, just to be sure.

    I remember, that just before I was dx, in 87. I was going to Photography School, talk about high Stress. I had already started having some weird symptoms that the Dr's couldn't figure out, a rash with no cause, to much Protienin the Spinal Fluid, I had fallen and my Back and Knee were not healing.

    I had gone back to school to Learn Photography, and work for myself. Well I was in my last year when I was dx.
    I had been driving to school, when all of a sudden I felt dizzy, weak, and couldn't get my breathe. No Heart Pain tho, I had to pull over and sit for 5 mins. Went to school, called my Dr., and the next day when I say him is when he said he heard the MVP, had the test done and it showed.

    I had also been going to a GYM, and I just about Passed out after one of the classe's, I ended up dropping the class, and just stuck to walking and the Pool.

    With these Syndromes, you never know if it's a Real Symptom or FMS minicing one. You just have to check them out to be sure.

    Good luck, hope you feel better, and please see a Dr. and Do quit Smoking, it will make a big difference when you excerise, you might have to change the Type you are doing, and not have to give it up, the Excerising, altogeather.

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    Can't help with your fast heartrate,only aDr. should do that.I have ben going to gym for a few years, have FM,and I think you are way overdoing it!!Maybe you should do aeorobics one day and toning the next.I just do weight training 3 days a week,can't do aeorobics or treadmill because of back problems.Good luck and keep up good work,just go a little more easy,says my daughter the trainer.
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    You will want to get a fasting blood glucose level and a TSH to start. A stress test, might be in order also. CoQ10 60-80mgs twice a day with vitamin E at meal time might be helpful till you can get to the dr.
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    How are you feeling tonight/day? Hope you get some answer's, in the mean time Pamper yourself and let your body rest a little.

    When the arboics first came out, back in the 80's, I told my hubby that all the jumping around was very hard on the Joint's, and that a lot of folks were doing them wrong.

    I'm a Dancer, been on all my life, among other job's, and what they were promoting back then were Excerises that most dancer's do, but not in a way that would damage the body, like the Knees, the ankles and the schock on the Spine.

    They have improved over the years, they are more aware of the Physical problems one can develope if not done properly.

    I have an Excerise bike, and I am going to be using it a lot more because of this Problem I'm having now. Plus it's fun, put on a Travel station and pretend you're riding through another Country.