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    Its NEW YEARS EVE and i am stuck in this house again,only this year as well as fibro, oesteo,autoimmune disease i have got the flu.Hubby is working,sons out with girlfriends`but i dont mind they are young and dont want to be stuck with me.I was thinking today about a couple of years ago when i was well and working part time,the excitement of finding that special outfit to show off on new years eve,having a few drinks and maybe go for a meal{a rare thing now}.I know i am not alone in wishing for my old life back sometimes,but what the hell i amm still alive with a lovely family even if i am on my own.HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FIBRO FRIENDS ON THIS BOARD LUV SHARON
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    Hi Sharon~~I HAVE to go out tonite and wish I could just stay home. However, my mate is flying back in, and I have to get packed and then drive 3 hours across the mountains on icy roads to pick him up. We are spending the night at a nice motel that always has a huge New Year's Party in their ballroom, and my mate prepaid for the room & party tickets--he thought I would enjoy it. A room packed with people I don't know; sitting on those hard-back steel chairs, and wishing I could be cuddled up in bed in front of a blazing fire. However, I will force my aching & painful body to swing into action here shortly and pack something to wear, put a smile on my face, greet my mate at the airport, and do the best I can to have a good time.

    However, if I were you and could stay home....I'd plan something wonderful, nurturing, and enjoyable for myself. I'd start out by pampering myself with a nice, long, hot soak in the tub filled with bubbles and essential oils; then I'd lotion up, powder my whole body, and spray on a light, fresh scent; I'd get into my most soft and comfortable gown; light all the candles; burn some incense; fix myself a beautiful picnic tray of delicious, delightful goodies; put on some mystical, soothing music; read a good book; watch some movies; and write down all the things I'm grateful for.

    Do something nice for yourself....something extra special. And bring in the New Year with a grateful heart and peace of mind. Blessings to You, Carol~~
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    I`m staying in also with my husband and two boys. We are just going to watch good old Dick Clark. We have a couple
    of bottles of sparkling non-alcoholic cider and some treats.

    I`m glad we are staying home by the fire. Its much easier,
    safer and cozier here.

    I also started doing yoga tonite. My 11 year-old joined me.
    It felt really good on the tight muscles and really relaxed
    both of us.

    I sincerely wish you all the best for 2003.
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    It's not so bad to be alone. I'm sorry that you have the flu. It only adds insult to injury. I hope your hubby can hurry home to wish you the happiest new year. It may not be healthier, but happier is a possibility. Back in my younger days, parties were the way to go. Then as we got older we would go to dinner with friends and be home before the midnight madness. Now we stay at home, have a nice meal, and attempt to watch the never aging Dick Clark. Usually we fall asleep way before midnight. It's just as good on the morning news - LOL.

    Here's to you! Warm wishes, Lisa
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    FOR TAKING TIME OUT TO REPLY,i know you are all busy people at this time of year.Firstly to Spacee my heart goes out to you to have to go and spend time with people who dont talk to you,thats all i would say is its there lose not yours,hold your head high you can do it.SLOWGIRL i know what you say is right,at least i wont wake in the morning wandering what i had done the night before.CATGIRL WELL your reply was so relaxing to read i almost fell asleep,sounds wonderfull.DEBRA its nice you are spending time with your parents,both of mine have passed away,have a good evening.SANDYZ cant beat what you are doing,with the hubby and 2boys.Anyway thank you for your replies and a HAPPY NEW AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.People are soooooooooooooo nice here.FIBRO HUGS FROM SHARON
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    Lisa thanks for your reply,my husband managed to come back to see the new year in with me,so i dont feel too bad now.He has gone back to work and it is 1a.m. on new years day,i am in the uk.Hope you enjoy your night luv Sharon HAPPY NEW YEAR
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    I'm in the states (Louisiana) and its only 7;45pm here.

    My husband, my furry friends are all watching tv and listenig to the fireworks from the country neighbors right now!

    I used to love to go party on New Year's Eve, but now I am content to stay home, relax and enjoy just being warm and alive!

    Glad your husband got home to wish you a happy New Year, he sounds like a great guy.

    Have a goodnights sleep now,

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am Sooooooooooooo GLAD your husband got home. Wasn't that nice ! I am spending a quiet evening home, like I do 364 days of the rest of the boring year. But THIS year we'll have srarkly grape juice. May every one here have a wonderful NEW YEAR !
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    I would like to welcome you to this board, i think i was talking to you on the chat site this evening and told you to visit these message boards because they are a good place to come to.Hope you will come back again.Regards Sharon