NPR Today: Public Figures Going Public with Illness

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    On Diane Rehm this morning is a the following segment. CFS/FM is not mentioned but it's interesting. You can hear the program by going to and then to the Diane Rehm show for today. Marta

    11:00Barron Lerner: "When Illness Goes Public" (Johns Hopkins)
    Famous people who go public with their illnesses shed light on treatment options and can help inform other patients. A look at the history celebrity patients and how they affect our understanding of medicine.

    Barron Lerner, a physician and professor of medicine and public health at Columbia University. He's the author of "Contagion and Confinement" and "The Breast Cancer Wars."
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    I did find it online, on You then have to go to Diane Rehm's icon and click on that.

    Good luck!