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    When I was first diagnosed with FMS less than a month ago, my Dr. felt for sure that I had Lupus or RA, but could find no proof of that in blood tests. She said "for now" my dx is FMS.

    So anyway, she prescribed Mobic, which I had been taking for about 3 weeks. Then I read that it has little effect on FMS symptoms, so I stopped taking it.

    But I JUST 1/2 hour ago took my Cymbalta and decided to take the NSAID again because my back hurts so bad, and one of them is actually working on my back. *confused*

    It has to be the Mobic that is helping that fast, right? So is my back pain just arthritis back pain or related to FMS or what?

    (One day, I would really like to be less confused)

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