NT Factor-anyone have success with it?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Mar 10, 2004.

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    I just got the latest issue of HealthWatch in the mail and there's an article about NT Factor. Has anyone given this a shot? If so, did it help and was there any herxing? I searched for this in past threads and couldnt find any info. So sorry if you have discussed this before.

    I am trying Transfer Factor which seems to be helping everyone, but it is a pain with the herxing and very discouraging. Would it be better to take NT factor first so cells can absorb their nutrients and be able to detox properly? Whenever I take a new supplement to kill off the bad guys, it's like my body cant clean up the mess so maybe NT Factor would be helpful.

    Sorry so long, just wanted to get some feedback on this.

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    I have not tried nor have known anyone who has. I wanted to post again what I just read about the herxing. The president of the company that makes Immune Transfer C says that Beta Glucan in a large dose....1-2 grams will help circumvent the herx.

    I have developed a rash today. And if it doesn't clear up pretty quick I am going to order the stuff. They sell it here.

    I wanted to give you a big thank you for recommending that I go on an antiyeast diet. I have had some definite symptoms relieved by it. I have lost the 9 lbs that I put on last year because of doing the Atkins diet incorrectly.

    Still have some major brain concentrations problems. I don't know if that will be resolved until I start sleeping better. If I don't sleep, the front of my brain is so numb.

    Sorry, no help on the NT factor.

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    The one and only thing that helped me was getting the yeast under control, and Im convinced that the yeast (which put off alcohol) was the cause of my fibro fog, where I felt spacee, like your name, drunk, and crazy. I havent had that symptom for years, and I stick with the diet pretty close and continue to take Caprylic acid to keep it in check.

    Spacee, havent you had good success with the transfor factor and doxy? I am going after the mycoplasmas now, and I need encouragement. Like, how many bad guys live in us anyway????

    I saw my live blood and it looked like a mosaic, stuck together and red blood cells all convoluted looking cuz the mycos are in them. Its no wonder I feel so bad, no blood circulation going on there.

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    No, I haven't started on the myco problem yet. My doc said for me to come up with an idea on how to treat it. Well, at least he brought the subject up first.

    I am pretty sure that Sujay says we need Bromlain which helps cut through the fibrin and let the doxy work. I took Bromlain for several months to get a head start. Bromlain really bothers some folks stomachs but I didn't have any side effects at all. I just took what the bottle said to take.

    So you saw your blood. Wow. Wonder why some docs can't figure out that we are sick when it can be so obvious.

    One site says that if you use Cipro that you need to use 1,500 (mg or whatever) daily for 4-6 months and then start cycling. I really have serious doubts that my insurance would want to pay for that.

    Than there is the issue of destroying the normal flora and we need probiotics to help with that. Yikes, it is never ending!

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