nubingfeeling in my hands

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    does anyone have nubing feelig in ther hands .ihavefibro and in alot of pain i;exercise but dont help ive had therpy for 4 times i serve headaches alot i sooooo tired all the time .i ha ve to sleep in a recliner so it cradles mybback ijest hurt all the time im on ultram and muscle meds ihave a tenes machine its a pain to use sorry so sloppy i have on of my headahes thanks for listen it nice to know are not alone in pain you understand how this fibro makes you feel alone you a
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    hi Poppy,

    I sometimes get numb tinggleing (sp) in my fingers.....they actually turn a tinged blue - weird. The docs say it is raynauds syndrome.....who knows. But I seem to get it when I am cold, have lack of oxygen and when I am stressed. Do your feet get like that too....your exremities? You may want to get it checked out - good luck and hang in there.