nubingfeeling in my hands

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    does anyone have nubing feelig in ther hands .ihavefibro and in alot of pain i;exercise but dont help ive had therpy for 4 times i serve headaches alot i sooooo tired all the time .i ha ve to sleep in a recliner so it cradles mybback ijest hurt all the time im on ultram and muscle meds ihave a tenes machine its a pain to use sorry so sloppy i have on of my headahes thanks for listen it nice to know are not alone in pain you understand how this fibro makes you feel alone you a
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    I also have FM,andCMPain etc and I do get numbness in my hands sometimes. I have to keep moving around and it will make it better-moving also helps with my "butt" and leg pain. You are not alone, there are many here who are searching for answers. Don't lose sight of HOPE and keep coming here for support.We are a loving bunch of people in pain who need each other for kind words, or a shoulder to cry on, or Someone may have some Exiting News or a Research Article they would like to share...
    I hope you will find answers for your pain, It makes me sad to hear someone like You being so painful.
    You are in my prayers, Poppy,
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    Anyone else?
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    Hi Poppy,
    Yes, I have alot of numbness in my feet and hands still. This is a vast improvement over the numbness I have felt in flares though. There have been times that my arms, legs, and face were numb. I remember an especially bad night, when I actually went numb from my neck down to my feet.

    It sounds to me as if your pain is not being controlled. I take ultram daily too, but do have vicodin for break through pain, and can take 2- 5mg. tabs every 6 hrs. in place of the ultram if I am in a bad flare. I would ask your doctor about an opiod, it sounds as if you are never getting any relief. I tried a tens unit, as well....didn't afford me any relief. Muscle relaxers don't help me a bit either.

    Best wishes, LL