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    I'm new to message boards and chat rooms but need help. I was finally diagnosed FMS about 4 years ago and put a lot of effort into proactive management, but having a really bad flare-up at the moment with loss of feeling in a quarter of right foot and electric spasms in the arch of the foot. acute pain in the left ankle which lets me down and fatigue and muscle pain with weakness in my shoulders causing a tremor in my arms. Its easy to blame everything on FMS so guess I'm looking for reasurance to see if anyone else has experienced similar "loss of feeling" and "tremor" symptoms.
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    Welcome to our board/support group, LPT!! Glad that you found us!

    I have had fibro/cfs about all my life. I have many other health problems in addition to the fibro (see my bio). (To see a person's bio, click on their name in the left hand column of their reply.)

    I don't think our numb feet problems are the same, but I currently have a pinched nerve in my back (between L4-L5 and S1) which has caused my right leg to be numb as well as my right foot and the first two toes on this foot. The numbness is all caused by the pinched nerve.

    Could your numbness have anything to do with neuropathy due to diabetes?

    Hope to "talk" with you often!

    Take care,
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    Hi LPT and Janet,
    I was wondering the same thing about the electric spasms you are describing and the numbness. Sounds like neuropathy of the feet/foot. I have that and it is due to diabetes. I have had diabetes type 2 for 29 years.

    I'm just wondering with your symptoms if you should talk to your doctor and possibly see a neurologist. Does your doc know you are having these problems?

    I really don't know if those symptoms are FMS related or not.

    Wanted to welcome you to the board. Possibly someone else will have more info for you.

    Big hugs,
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    I have a tingling and tiny, multiple muscle spasms in my feet .... usually after I have been up and around living life for a few hours. Resting helps. I never wake up
    with that feeling. It was actually one of my first FM symptoms that got my attention. It is equally irritating
    in both feet. ... not one other the other.

    Your's sounds alot more painful and troublesome then mine. Maybe you need to see the doc about it.

    Hope you're better soon,

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    Thanks for all the replies. As a novice I was really nervous about participating in the message board, but you really are a great bunch. Thanks for making me feel so welcome and I'll certainly consider everyones comments and will consult my GP. I hope I've done this properly and you all get this message
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    in my left leg and foot that causes numbness, but I am not diabetic. Don't really know what causes it. I just put up with it. Sometimes after a chiro treatment it lets up a little.