numb hands is this the board to ask this question?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Frannie17, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Frannie17

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    Hi All:

    I mainly go to the fibromyalgia board because that is what I have. This message is for my brother.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please post because we're totally in the dark on this one.

    He ran a jack hammer for most of his career so we're sure he has some sort of repetitive stress injury in his hands. When he goes to sleep at night, his hands totally go numb and he has to shake them a lot to get the feeling back. This is beginning to happen during the day too. I'd like to do a Google search, but we don't even know what this is called or where to look. Anyone have any suggestions other than Googling "numb hands" or "repetitive injury"? We all know there's a specific name for this problem but don't know what it is. Has anyone else had this problem and know of any websites we could try?

    Thanks, y'all, for any help you might offer :)

  2. rockgor

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    Might want to talk to a workers' compensation atty. May be eligible for benefits.

    The atty may be able to refer you to a dr., probably an ortho or a neuro. Do you think it's carpal tunnel?

    Good luck

  3. Cromwell

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    I get numb hands and a lot is due to damage to the myelin sheath around nerves, which can be caused by repetive stress or other diseases. Has he had an MRI to look for MS or other causes, does he had a bad neck? Are his hands numb in the morning s then clear up? Does he have pain at any time?

    Love Annie
  4. zenouchy

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    Hi Frannie,

    As someone with carpal tunnel in both hands, it definitely sounds like your husband has it. I don't want to diagnose him online of course. He should absolutely see a neurologist for further help. The tingling and numbness your are describing of the hands, having to shake them out---that's exactly how it started for me. The carpal tunnel gets aggravated at night because of how we sleep. The repetitiveness of certain things (the jackhammering) can aggravate it, in addition to things that vibrate it (the jackhammering!).

    Certain people for whatever reason can be prone to it. I have to limit my typing, which is tough because with the fibro and not being able to be outside and doing stuff all the time, what else am I supposed to do right? ;-)

    I have to sleep with wrist splints on both hands at night to keep my wrists in a rigid position (it prevents the numbness). If you check out and type in "carpal tunnel syndrome", it will explain it in great detail (much better than me). (There's certain hand exercises that I do that help to a degree as well.)

    You can get carpal tunnel braces at places like Walgreens and Walmart. He might consider wearing them and see if they help with the numbness. The best time to wear them is at night (according to my neurologist) because that's when the carpal tunnel muscle goes out of wack the most ( will explain it better).

    The bandages will take a little getting used to wearing at night because the wrists are in a different position than before, but if the numbness goes away it will help give him an idea if carpal tunnel is what he is experiencing as well as provide relief until he is able to see a neurologist.

    Have him try on different wrist bandages at the store and see which one feels most comfortable and make sure the packaging says that it's for carpal tunnel.

    Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.

    Love, Erika
  5. Frannie17

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    Thanks for all this info! I will follow the suggestions and see what I can find out. It sure does sound like carpal tunnel though from what you're describing. He does have problems with his neck too, so that might add to it. You all know how this goes when you're first looking into a problem or disease, you have to sift through a lot of stuff and spend a lot of time searching. I'll tell him about the braces at Wallys, it sure seems like they would be worth it to try them.

    Thanks all, good info,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    "Repetitive Stress Injury". I found out about this problem AFTER the State Industrial Insurance program deadline. (7 YRS. Here ). :>(

    Hopefully , your brother still fits in the time frame !

    In my case , both of my arms go numb because of damage done to my shoulders.....but...The pain in my shoulders doesn't go numb.....

    Oh well , we all must do our best to carry on !!!!! :>)

    Blessings ,

  7. Frannie17

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    Thanks BillCamo. I'll pass that info along about the 7 years - don't know if our state has that since I've never heard of it before. Besides the jackhammer, he also drove a heavy truck/snowplow all winter that vibrated his hands really bad, so I think the vibration made worse what he had from the jack hammer. Someone above said something about vibration making carpal tunnel worse. I'll be spending some time Googling today and hope to get some info for him.

  8. zenouchy

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    Sorry, Frannie, I kept saying "husband", and it's your brother. Is there any way your brother can see a neurologist? The web is a great start for providing general info, but it cannot give your brother a diagnosis. I hope it all works out and that he gets relief soon.

    Love, Erika
  9. Frannie17

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    I will suggest that to him, the neurologist. I know he has been to an occupational therapist without much luck. And he also had something called DMSO (I think) injected into his wrists, also with no luck.

  10. stick2013

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    Sounds like carpel tunnel. I would suggest that he get to a Neurologist and also get some wrist splints for his wrist. I have slept with them for over 2 years.

    I refused to have the surgery, and my Neurologist told me to wear them 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 5 months. It was really hard working with them, but I did it, and now I only have to sleep with them.

    Good luck
  11. Frannie17

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    Thanks Stick, I'll pass that on.

  12. Frannie17

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    Good site! Lots or useful info there. Thanks.