Numbing cream....does it exist????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Quequay, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Quequay

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    My TMJ flared up so bad during my anniversery dinner. I am in such pain that I took ambisol and used it inside my left cheek and back toward the joint to help ease it. As it was numbing my cheek I wondered if there is a cream that you can rub on your skin that would numb it. I know it would't take away the deep pains but it would be great for those sun burned like areas that pop up from time to time.

    If something like this exists I would love to find out.

    I am makinng progress on my search for a new doctor. I am also going to find some type of purpose so I feel better.

  2. yayapriestess

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    Kristen, I have used, with sucess, Lidoderm. It is a patch with lidocaine, it comes in about 5x7 inch patches and you can cut it to fit whatever area hurts. It lasts about 12 hours and works pretty well. I have used it on rib area frequently and those places on arm just below elbow that can be so tender. You have to have a prescription. I highly recommend trying it.
    good luck
  3. kristine

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    ...a prescription cream called "emla"....for use on the skin...i have never personally tried it...but, it is commonly used to numb the skin before injections, and has recently been used for some with fm....when i was having alot of pain, i got alot of relief from "panalgesic gold", sold in drugstore....that, with ultram, really helped my pain...also, for a small area, salon pas patches...also sold in drugstore.....kristine
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    ...Ditto on the Lidoderm Patch!...Fibromiester
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    I was given Emla cream for my neck and shoulder. The stuff works great!! You do need a prescription for it and it is really expensive. I have seen it on the pharmacy sites from Canada for half the price and no Rx needed. I'll probably go that route when I run out. I was told to put vaseline over it....quite messy! It's better than going to work, etc. with a patch on your face :)
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  6. Kathryn

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    that freezes the skin. I used to pay about $6 - 7 for a can that lasts a long time. I don't remember what it is called, but if you describe it, and have a good relationship with your vet, it might help. I am going to try to get the lidoderm patches. They sound like they might help. Good luck!
  7. pearls

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    My doc suggested I use Zostrix, which is available over the counter. Its main ingredient is capsaisin, which comes from hot chilis! It takes some getting used to and stings a lot the first few days. The stinging is supposed to subside after those first few days, but it continued to sting for me.

    It did numb the pain - no question - but for me the cure seemed almost as bad as the "disease." I haven't been back to my doc to tell him how it didn't work for me. Thanks for the other ideas. I'll have them in my "discussion bag" when I go to see him.
  8. hurley63

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    I am a new dx fms pt. but I have used THERA-GESIC pain relieving creme for almost a year now and I find it to be quite helpful for my pain and stiffnesss. It can be found
    otc at most pharmacies and local wal-mart, k-mart stores.
    One thing I like about it is you can use put one layer on for cool feeling and up to three layers for a more intense sensation that feels great. Hope you can find relief.
  9. pearls

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    I quit the strong version of Zostirx and am using a milder form. It does work. It blocks substance P, which causes perception of pain, at the site with an extract of chilis. You have to apply it three or four times per day religiously, though, and don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth with a hand treated with it.

  10. sheelanagigs

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    kristen, i am confused. is your pain topical? like sun burn? and where? i've been rather foggy the past few days, so maybe i am missing "it"....

    it seems from the responses that your pain IS topical.

    if it were my pain, i'd find a local compounding pharmacist, make an appointment, and to talk to her/him about your pain[ and IF that compounder's speciality is NOT pain relief, have her/him tell you who to see, in that case....] and ask for recommendation and have her/him talk with your MD/DO about pain relief. oftentimes several (more than ten sometimes) or many meds can be put together in one gel so you're not taking so many pills. i am not "pimping' for compounders; i just know what a difference they have made in my life and i was a nurse from 72 and had never heard of them until 92, when I was in MS, of all places!


    oonagh Ryan-King
    Oakland CA