numbness and!

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  1. mq

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    my mom, newly dx'ed w/ fibro asks:
    When, if you have time could you ask the fibro chat what the cause of numbness in hands, arms feet and mouth, tounge area is about and what they do ? Stress related? or ????
    thanks for helping!
  2. tomkat

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    Hi MG,
    I get the same thing,and wish I could help.My arms,and legs sometimes tingle,or spasm then go numb,especially after
    some repetitive movements.I don't know what causes it,I wish
    I did.Like I said sometimes it is after repetitive movements
    and I get these severe spasms.She might look into what she
    does before these bouts come on.I would definitly ask my dr.
    about it,althiugh mine just said it came with the fibro.I'm
    so tired of hearing that.Take care,Tomkat
  3. elaine_p

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    Last week I posted something about B-6 for numbness. My dad (a retired ob/gyn) gave me an article after I told him I had numb hands and feet. If you're interested in seeing it, search for "B-6" (the title is "try B-6 for CTS or numb hands/feet").

    I don't know if it will help numb arms, mouth and tongue. But if it's caused by a "B-6 dependency" (means you need more B-6 than normal people) it might help.

    I agree that she should talk to her doctor.