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  1. dzlady

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    I have been having continuous numbness and tingling in my fingers and hands. My pinkies are the worse (this is in both hands) and as I move from my pinkies to my index finger the amount of numbness and tingling decreases. My ring finger isnt as affected as my pinkie and my middle finger isnt as effected as my ring finger, and so on. My index finger is barely effected. It runs the length of the finger into the upper portion of my hand. It hasnt affected my ability to grasp things or anything in that manner, its just really annoying and feels weird. It doesnt hurt.

    Question: Is this normal with FM or could it be a result in a new med or something along those lines? I have been experiencing this since Sunday and with yesterday being a holiday, my doctors office wasnt open. I have a call into their office, just waiting on a return call.

  2. TigerLilea

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    Hi Teresa - That sounds more like a nerve problem. It could be due to carpal tunnel in your wrist, or possibly even a disc problem in your back.

    I ocassionally get numbness and tingling in my right hand and it is usually due to overuse of the mouse when playing computer games. I have a friend who has permanent numbness in part of one hand and it is due to a herniated disc in her back.
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    I have this to, but it is more severe than you have described and has progressed over a couple of years. Mine is caused by generative disc disease in my neck. It was diagnosed by a neurological using both an Mri or Ct of my neck (can't remember right now) and EMG testing. Search posts for emg testing as I posted a lengthy description of it a while back. At this point, I do not show any signs of nerve damage so I do not require surgery.

    You are doing the right thing be getting in to your Dr quickly. If your ins does not require a referral call a nerologist and get an appt. If there is nerve damage you want to get it addressed quickly.

    Good luck.
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    Sounds like a classic case of pinched nerve to me!
  5. dzlady

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    The doctor, well, the nurse, got back with me and wants me to watch it and track it. (Thinking she's a ditz) but I will do that for the next day or two.

    I had an x-ray done of my back this afternoon, because I have been having severe pain in my left leg, hip and all the way down to my foot. They are thinking disc problems, so I will see what the results are of that.

    She mentioned stroke or TIA (mini stroke) but I dont have any of the other symptoms and I am ALL TOO AWARE of the symptoms, my mother has them all the time and have witnessed her during these, while rushing her to the ER. But I also know since it runs in my family to be aware of them and look for them in myself.

    I can get into the doctors office at the drop of a hat as they have a walk in clinic too, which is comforting. But pinched nerve or back problems sounds more like what it might be. I dont notice it too much today in my right hand, but still very much there in my left. Fingers feel tight like they are swollen but they are not.

    She asked if the color and temp were the same as normal, which they are. I will look at the site mentioned here and do some more research now that I am home for the next few days (expecting another snow storm). If it gets too bad or increases, she did suggest going to the ER. Yep, another hospital bill that I cant pay. But I guess its better than getting worse.

    I feel like a hypochondriac with all the "problems" that I am having. Man, turned 40 and I'm falling

    Thanks for the input, I'll check back later to see if there are any more responses.

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    Are you on any new meds? It could be lots of things. I've had those things in my fingers and toes for no apparent reason, I've had it because of meds that went away after about 3 weeks of being on the meds but it could certainly also be because of something w/your nerves.

    Good advice to track it.