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    I mentioned in another post that I had this tingling and numbness in the pinkie and ring finger of my left hand.At the time I thought maybe it was a side effect of Zanaflex which I had just started taking.However I have cut back on the dose of Zanaflex because I was also like a "Zombie".
    Now I am having these sensations in both hands same two fingers an this is becoming very intense. I have had this DD for many many years and this is something new. I thought I had had every complaint there was but guess I was wrong.
    Anybody able to comment on this?
    HUGS, Shirley
  2. bejo

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    I have a numb pinkie and side of my left hand too.I found out mine isn't from fibro,though fibro can cause numbing.My Dr. sent me to a----sorry my fog again---a specialist (can't remember what he kind he is)and he ran some nerve tests.I have a little bit of carpal tunnel and a lot of cubital tunnel(same as carpal except in the elbow)
    I have to have surgery on my wrist and my elbow.He said that the numbing caused by fibro is usually the whole hand.I have had bursitis in my elbows and they think that is what caused it.The nerves going into my elbow are good but none of them are good coming out of my elbow.Since it is in both of your hands you might have your Dr. check it out.The list of complaints with fibro just keeps getting longer and longer,doesn't it? ((((())))) bejo
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    Thanks for your replies. This tingling has really gotten bad today. It's really getting to me.I also have about driven myself crazy with my restless legs and feet. I am about at the end of my rope.I can't stand myself let alone anyone else
    It seems my flares are getting worse and they are closer together than ever. I sure am not having many decent days any more. I just can't seem to focus on anything and then because I can't get anything done I feel that much worse.
    All I do is waste time and it makes me crazy. I look at this house and I could just cry. I have always taken pride in my housekeeping--even when I felt rotten I'd push no matter what. Now I can't even push. I just want to curl up in a ball and call it quits. I am so ashamed. I keep telling myself "There are people in the world so much worse off than me. I have no right to whine or be unproductive". I just hate this!
    As I type this my numbness and tingling has increased now I am getting concerned.
    I guess I got a little carried away. I don't usually go on like this about the cross I bear. That felt pretty good,Thanks! ((((()))) Shirley
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    Howdy Shirley! I was just sitting here scrolling through the messages when yours reached out and grabbed me. Right now I am wiggling and moving my feet around trying to make the tingling and pain get out of my feet. My dog nibbles on his feet when they bother him and believe me if I could reach mine I might do the same!!!! I too look around me and feel bad about the things I can't seem to do anymore but I just try to do the best I can and hope that people will understand even though it is hard for them at times. Hope you have a more gentle day tomorrow. Keep laughing when you can, Lynnkat
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    I broke down and called the Dr. about this tingling and numbness. I go tomorrow at 11:30. I can't stand it any longer. I think I will go nuts. It is worst than it was yesterday.According to what I read yesterday,Carpal Tunnel affects your thumb,index and middle finger and half of the ring finger. My problem is the side of my hand,the pinkie and the ring finger,On both hands now. Oh well maybe I will at least rule out carpal tunnal for sure tomorrow.
    I just needed to whine a little, Thanks all you wonderful people~~~~~Shirley
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    You are right about carpal tunnel, but I have what you have---tingling, numbness in little fingers, both hands---also a vague weakness in these fingers, like when I typed, these two fingers felt like dead weight.

    Ask your doctor about an EMG for this to determine if you have any problems there----I thought it was just another annoying FM symptom, but my EMG showed I had pinched ulnar (elbow) nerves on both sides! This causes pain, numbness & tingling on ring & pinky fingers (unlike carpal tunnel, which comes from the wrist & affects thumb area, this comes from the elbow). I just had shots to fix this (epidural w/steroid, small quantity----much less invasive than the same kind of epidural I had in my neck this summer for cervical disc problems, much smaller needle, safer, as no spinal cord to deal with). They give you the shot in your elbow, takes a few seconds. You'll be a little numb for 24 hours, and my arms were a little achy, but gone the next day.

    How did this happen? I do remember hitting my elbows really hard at various times in the past on furniture, etc.--really bad "funny-bone" pain....

    I urge you to at least ask your doctor about this; we definitely have a load of unexplained FM symptoms, but if it's something else, and you could DO something about it to get relief, you'd be ahead of the game!

    Good luck!


    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    I am glad you will be able to go to the doctor tomorrow. One night I had my husband take me to the emergency room because the sides of my face, outer edges of legs and feet and the outer edges of my hands,the pinkie and ring finger were numb and tingling. This happen before I was told that I have FM. I was so scared that night. I had never felt like this, ever. It lasted for weeks, but now it seems to come and go.

    As far as an EMG goes, mine was done on both sides of my body from neck to toe. It still haunts me, it was hell. Glad to know that not everybody had the experience I had.
    Some doctors are kind enough to offer something to help you relax. However, my doctor did not. I had no idea this test would be so painful for me. My results were negative.
    Take care,
  8. srollins

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    in my hands and fingers. Went to my primary Dr. yesterday.He said I probably have a pinched nerve in my elbow.Then he said "What do you want me to do"? Then he went on preaching to me about being on ssI, because he knows people that shoud be on it for sure and can't get it.And he knows people that get it that shouldn't.I wanted to crawl out of there, I was just crushed.I went to him instead of my Rhumey because HE is so far away and I wasn't up to such a drive.Anyway I really don't feel up to going into a big long story but I have come to realize since finding this board that this scenio is not uncommon.Next time I'll just DO the drive!!!!!! Maybe it is time for a new primary doc?
    I am just not sure how helpful these %#* Doctors are anyway
    when you come home worse off than you were when you went.
    Thanks for all your respondes'
    I love it here! Shirley
  9. pearls

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    Your doctor was a jerk!! Pure and simple!

    He hasn't had to deal with the stuff you deal with and has no idea! That makes him a dumb jerk, but a jerk is still a jerk!

    As to the tingling, my tingling has been bothering the H E Double Hockey Sticks out of me all night. Mine is caused by my carpal tunnel syndrome, which has been proven by a nerve conduction test. However, I was just reading Dr. Starlanyl's, "Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain: a Survival Manual, about tingling. She says electrolytic embalances due to interstitial edema may contribute to this. She does some explaining of what this means and says that when a certain transfer of electrolytes is compressed and then released, it causes pain and tingling. (Shoot, that sounds like getting my funny bone hit, but my tingling - like yours, I'm sure - keeps happening, though at times it is worse.)

    She also mentions that a common symptom of trigger points (not tender points) that are trapped by the myofascia (I think this is the sort of sheath that covers muscles), it can result in numbness and tingling in the referred area (the place where the trigger points send the pain.)

  10. srollins

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    Thanks Pearl, I think I understand your explaination! I guess I'll just try to deal with it for a few weeks and see what happens.The important thing is,I was'nt having a heart attack which was my first thought and this Dr. did rule that out.As soon as he ruled out a heart attack he was no longer interested.I guess I was no longer valid.
    I am just crushed but I guess as usual I'll pull up my boot straps and keep going. A BIG THANKS TO ALL~~~~SHIRLEY
  11. pam_d

    pam_d New Member response above. I have pinched ulnar nerves (elbow), and the tingling you describe in the pinkie & ring fingers sounds just like mine. I also had a bit of pain above my elbow on one side. My physiatrist described it as a traffic jam; the "jam" is actually in the elbow area, but the "backed-up traffic" goes all the way down to your pinkie fingers, and can sometimes go up from your elbow, too.

    There are non-surgical options to correct this, I just did! Don't just assume there's nothing you can do about this.

    Hope you feel better,