numbness in legs, anyone else?

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    This icon shows what I'd like to be doing right now. :)

    This is more of a scary bother than an inconvenience, and it's an off and on things for a long time now. Sometimes when I'm resting, my legs feel numb, like they've gone to sleep. I can move them if I focus on them. But when I'm not moving them, it feels like they're not there. Sometimes they're numb with little prickly feelings too.

    Just wondering if anyone else gets this. What causes it?

    ((hugs)) Shannon
  2. mollystwin

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    But it virtually went away when I stopped using aspartame or nutrisweet.

    Is there a food chemical that you cosume a lot of like MSG or nutrisweet that may be causing this?

    Just an idea.
  3. chopindog

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    I have had this problem since I became ill over two years ago. It drives me absolutly crazy. I get flares of it on and off. Sometimes it just becomes nearly unbearable. I end up taking tons of baths and tryint to "Walk" it out. The baths are helpfull while I am in them, but it builds up again fast.

    Its so weird, its not horribly painfull, but it hurts alot, like deep down, and like charlie horses. I was thinkng maybe its a stronger form of restless leg syndrome.

    Maybe more people will write about it with ideas. But believe me your not alone! I really hate this symptom!!!

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    I have numbness in my right leg, nearly all the time. The bad thing is that I am constantly smaking it into things...even sharpe things...Cannot feel it so do not know that there is a bruise/cut until way after. My right leg is always black and blue and containing a few cuts. My left leg only gets number when I have been doing a lot of walking. Strange feeling to not feel your feet hit the ground. I have not done much research on this, and do not really discuss it with my doctors.

    I have just started telling my rheumatologist, as I think that it is due to inflammation throughout my systems. It is not much fun...but not terribly painful either.

    I also have numbness from where I had c-section 7 years ago. What is strange is that I also just had a total hysterectomy (using the same scar) and it is even more numb now. Not sure if it will go away or not. GYN said not to worry, but who knows if it is because he does not want to be liable for any further nerve damage or what.

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    I have exactly what you describe. It even feels like my legs aren't there when I walk sometimes too. I find this very disturbing. I've had it for 1.5 years. If you haven't already, I would see a neurologist just to rule other things out. I did, and had all sorts of tests. They were all normal.

  6. jlcrafter

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    I'll be sitting doing absolutely nothing, and my left leg will go numb. I have to really focus on it to move it and then when I do sometimes the pain is so intense in my hip joint that I can hardly stand up, let alone walk. And then it will just ease up and go away. I'm not too fond of this symptom either.

  7. suzetal

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    It has gotten worst over the past year.I got up to answer the phone and my left foot went dead.I wound up breaking my ankle.

    My neurologist is doing another MEG and MRI.Reason is my first test had some pinched nerves and also two small cyst at the base of my spine.She believes something the cyst or pinched nerves have gotten worst.

    It has gotten so bad now that my left arm also falls asleep now.I am hoping it not to Sirius and it can be fixed.

    My appointment for the EMG is January 17 th Ill post what happened with that test here .That way you will know if they found anything new or the old problems have gotten worst.

    I do not know about my MRI till this test is down.I am sure she will send me for one cause I know whats going on is not good.

  8. joyfully

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    Narrowing of circulatory system in legs (I think it was the veins). I think they did something called a "dopler" on my right leg.

    Pinched nerve in back.

    Nerve damage from surgery---I had this too from complete hysterectomy many decades ago.

    You can also get numbness from arthritis. I find that kind of numbness seems to "come and go".
  9. suzetal

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  10. dolphin67

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    I have this also, mostly in my left leg. I get it my arms too. This was actually how my illness started, with numbness, but then it turned to severe pain. ( my husband thought I was having a stroke!) MRI, EMG, bloodwork, all turned up "normal" except for some carpal tunnel in my arms. I was eventually dx'd w/CMP. It is extremely irritating. You should have some testing done to make sure it's not something serious. Also have your thyroid tested as this is also a symptom of hypothyroid.
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  11. gurlinottawa

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    oh yes me too!

    this one is new for me as well. this last flare up over the past two weeks.. I started loosing feeling in my left leg accompanied by stabbing pain in my knee. I get up to walk it off move around and sometimes that helps.

    dont have much advice on how to stop it since its new to me to, but so you know, I have this to.

  12. Shannonsparkles

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    chemical poisoning
    low thyroid
    nerve damage
    impaired circulation
    pinched nerve

    Have you found anything that helps with numbness?

    With me, like numbness feels like an out of body experience. I know it sounds corny to put it this way, but it feels like "I'm" floating out of my body starting with my feet. Weird, huh? Sometimes it feels like my feet are floating above where they actually are, or it feels like my legs are straight when they're actually crossed. I'm only numb when I'm not moving anyway and I'm exhausted. This is so strange that I haven't mentioned it to anyone.