numbness in toes?

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    Hi everyone, I have been diagnosed with FMS for about a year now but have just started having numbness in my toes. They feel as if they have gone to sleep. You know the tingle that you get if your foot is asleep. I know I should call my Rhemy BUT the last time I was in a flare and went to see her the first thing she said is tell me what are you doing for your fibro? She wants me to be exercising and I do try but when you work a full time job and have kids in sports it is not always easy. So I said that until baseball season started I was going to the gym several times a week but just have not been able to so since the season started. She told me that I had to put myself first. I am sorry but I will always put my kids first. Plus I really love baseball. I take a folding chair that reclines and has a foot rest and watch my son play. It is very relaxing - unless he is pitching. Wow sorry I am completely off topic and rambling. Just was curious if anyone else has had this problem.
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    It would be a good idea for you to see a good neurologist or neuromuscular doctor that specializes in peripheral neuropathy. Do a search for PN and see if you can relate. I think that so many people with FM just haven't been diagnosed with something else yet. And that FM and PN seem to be overlapping in a lot of cases. I now have PN that has progressed rapidly and I'm still searching for the cause. I'm awaiting my Lyme disease results now.
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    I have this on the inside of my right foot and my big toe. Sometimes I can't feel the bed sheet on my toe.

    I have been checked twice for Lyme's but I am negative.
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    sometimes they feel like they are cold, but to touch them they are not and or a combo of feeling numb.

    When I'm at home I wear socks, but when I out I just wear my sandels--and if I to I wear knee high nylons--required for one of my jobs :( I hate wearing nylons of any kind because I think they make me too hot--got to have that air circulation.
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    luvquilting, sutherngrl, jaminhealth, msbsgblue, and beadlady,

    Thanks so much for your post. It really helps to know that yep someone else has experienced this.


    I went and did as you suggested and yes I do have several of the symptoms for PN. Lucky me huh?

    Now I have to go to my primary doc and see if she will write the referral.

    The LD thing is something else I want to check out since I did have a tick earlier in the spring.

    I am having a bit of a pity party today anyway because I am starting with a flare. I had been doing so good too!

    I can't just go home and rest because we are on a fiscal year where I work and I have to have year end done by June 30.

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