Numbness in your head???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladyfishme, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. ladyfishme

    ladyfishme New Member

    Does anyone have numbness and pain in your head. Not like a headache.
    Mostly when I wait up in the night my head as numb spots and I have bad pain for a minute or two. Sometimes feel like I could pass out. If I sit still it goes away most of the time. I some times have to use ice pack to help with the pain. The doctors said it is from FM, Put I don't read this anywhere. Anyone else have this??
  2. scrapnurse

    scrapnurse New Member


    It is a good question cause lately I have been experience that numbness in the back of the head. It is neuralgia and somet imes called occipital neuralgia cause it is at the back of the head and mine goes up to the top of my head. It feel numb, tingling and burning at times along with my neck. Can;t stand tags or anything rubbing along my neck. I even had to take my necklace off. I see a physiatrist ( specialist in rehab. medicine and she is also an osteopath. Anyways she gives me saline injections with lidocaine and that helps. I notice that the pain gets worse when I am in a flare,

    So you are not crazy unless I am too (somedays I wonder though) Have had fibro for 2 years and per haps longer. I am in a flare that is just like when I got diagnosed.

    Best of luck to you

  3. heavenlyanimals

    heavenlyanimals New Member

    hello i am new in this . i have just recently been diagnosed with this awful stuff. i had never heard of it except one time in my life. i have been having some terriable problems and i feel like i am going crazy with all these things going wrong or when i get over one another one comes up . i just recently had a mri and carotid test done because of my face mostly left side going numb and parts of my head . have felt the almost feeling like i am going to pass out. i hurt real bad in the middle of my chest right between my breast at the upper part of stomach i went to the er and thought i was having a heart attack. heart was fine . i have had terriable leg pain could not tell you if it was the bone or the muscle the pain was so bad. ribs feel like someone is squezzing them together. all of these different things going wrong and i could not figure out what was going wrong could this fibro do all these things. i asked my doc if it was just something that they tagged on you when they could not figure out what was wrong he said NO. this was something that did exsist. i am telling you the truth i thought i was loosing it. i feel so bad at times that i do not think i can go . so PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SOMEONE TALK TO ME AND TELL ME WHAT ALL THEY GO THROUGH. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i feel like a hipocondriact something wrong all the time is this normal with fibro? thanks for listening
  4. ladyfishme

    ladyfishme New Member

    Sorry to hear that you aren't doing well. I too just found out I have Fibo. I like you feel that it just going from one part of my body to another. Head,legs, ribs and heart, that are the things I went to the doctor for. It is great to hear that other people have to same things. (not that I want others to hurt like I do,but just not to feel alone) Because the doctors don't get it.
    Sometime I can't stand the feel on my shirt on my back. Yes I too have to cut the tags out of things.
    I thought maybe I had a brain tumor!! My head will get so numb and Pains.
    My family is getting tired of me complaining all the time but I hurt. Also didn't know what was wrong.
    Hope this help you to realize that you aren't alone.
    Take care!!
  5. rbecca47

    rbecca47 New Member

    i am new too, i get numbness in my face, and the pain in my head is like a hot knife. i hate telling my doc. any thing cause i feel like she thinks it is in my mind.i hope you get to feeling better, my prayers are out for all here
  6. Sue50

    Sue50 New Member

    count me in, It's not only in the back of my head but sometimes my nose and cheeks get numb too.

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